La Motte Wine Estate in photos

Posted by Adel Groenewald on 30 August 2012

La Motte wine estate, situated in the renowned Franschhoek Valley, might seem like just another wine farm, with a tasting room and perhaps a restaurant. But in truth, the entire family can easily spend about half a day at this farm. That is how much there is to do.

Instead of explaining it all, I’ll show you.

La Motte tasting room

The tasting room is very spacious, with long tables to accommodate large groups of people, but also cosy couch areas beside the windows. The ladies presenting the wine tastings are very knowledgeable while remaining friendly and light-hearted and the fire place creates the perfect spot for curling up in winter. A nice feature is that wines are presented two at a time so that you can compare them with each other. Guests are also welcome to take a stroll through the maturation room.

La Motte La Motte
La Motte La Motte

La Motte

Pierneef a La Motte restaurant

Although I didn’t have the chance to eat here, their cappuccino’s are truly delicious and I’ll definitely recommend them. The interior has some distinctive features, like Pierneef prints on the backs of some of the chairs and chandeliers consisting of broken pieces of china. With both a cosy inside area and a beautiful outdoor terrace, it’s perfect for summer and winter. The stream attracts many children on summer days and the restaurant stocks towels for when they do decide to clime out of the water.

La Motte La Motte La Motte

La Motte farm shop

This is something you don’t often see at wine farms. But don’t let this lower your expectations. The shop stocks everything from blind wine tasting sets, the entire La Motte range and corkscrews to linen, preserves, sweet treats, spices, classy water bottles and flour. All of it tastefully labelled and beautifully packaged. Outside you’ll see fresh proteas (in season) and around the side there’s a large green lawn with a giant chess set that is said to entertain both the children and the adults. These folks also have painting kits and a dedicated area where the kids can get creative.

La Motte La Motte La Motte La Motte La Motte

La Motte art gallery and museum

Taking a short stroll around the farm shop will bring you to the art gallery and museum. Here you can learn all about the history of the estate itself as well as the Rupert family. Anton Rupert is the renowned South African business man  and Hanneli, his daughter, currently owns the farm. Walking on you’ll find an very impressive collection of Pierneef’s – all of which were bought by Anton Rupert years ago. Because of his love for Pierneef, some of the premium wines at La Motte are named after him.

La Motte La Motte

La Motte hiking trail

It’s here that you realise how this estate caters for every need. This scenic trail winds its way along the vineyards and proteas and is just the perfect way to enjoy the scenery before sitting down for lunch. The trail starts at the restaurant and takes between two to two and a half hours to complete. You can look forward to many indigenous fynbos species and abundant birdlife.

La Motte La Motte La Motte

La Motte 
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