Camping gear: How to keep clean in the bush

Posted by Sarah Isaacs on 3 March 2011

Campers who enjoy roughing it might be happy to stand in a river while pouring buckets of murky brown water over their heads. However, if the prospect of creepy crawlies manoeuvring their way over your exposed bits gives you the heebie-jeebies, don’t fret: there are simple ways to keep clean while roughing it.

Here are our five favourite shower options:

  1. Suspended water container
  2. Solar-heated shower bag
  3. Gas-heated handheld shower
  4. Shower filter
  5. Shower tent

The surprising thing about serious adventurers is their unwavering commitment to comfort. Whether sleeping on a rock face hundreds of metres above the ground or cycling across the Sudanese desert, they’ll find innovative ways of creating a home away from home. Why not follow their lead the next time you go camping? Don’t stop at head torches and foldaway chairs – be daring and add a little luxury.