Para’Kito™ protection

Posted by Melanie van Zyl on 30 January 2013

If you’re not up to drinking the litres of gin and tonic needed to properly fend off mosquitoes, the French now offer South Africa a chic alternative. European scientists have tweaked the conventional mosquito band with stylish intent to produce Para’Kito™ – a 100 per cent natural mosquito protection device now retailing in South Africa.

Para’Kito™ is the first mosquito protection product approved and registered as a medical device in Europe and Australia. The company is launching two products for users in South Africa; the mosquito protection band and the mosquito protection clip. The comfortable strap-on band can be worn around the ankle or wrist, while the innovative clip can be clipped onto bicycles, belt buckles, backpacks, tents, cots and prams, or to handbags on those infested summer evenings outdoors.

The Para’Kito™ active pellets are the result of extensive research undertaken in Europe, Australia and the United States of America and contain seven essential oils extracted from plants all over the world. The bands and clips prevent any skin contact with the heart of the device infused with the repellent and contains no chemicals, such as DEET previously used in other bands. As a result, it is perfectly safe to use as everyday personal protection for pregnant women or those susceptible to skin allergies. Plus, if you have young children prone to sucking on toxic goods (don’t worry, it happens to many parents) the clip provides a great alternative as it fits easily onto carriers or strollers.

Para’Kito™ hope to provide a fun and fashionable way to ward off mosquitoes in a variety of colours and patterns. The bands come in twelve different colours or graphic designs and the clips in a selection of six hues. The products are easy to use and waterproof so all activities can be enjoyed without concern. Through their designs, Para’Kito™ aspires to promote a habit-forming effect on children from an early age so that the bands and clips form just as much a part of their daily routine as brushing their teeth.

Unlike other bands currently on the market, Para’Kito™ offers 15 days of protection against all types of mosquitoes and both devices can be refilled with the Para’Kito™ active pellet when needed.

Para’Kito™ products are now available in South African stores and online at For closest stockists you can email [email protected] or you can contact Nikki Conning to get your protection on 072 249 9926 or [email protected]

The bands and clips retail for R180.80 and come with 2 pellets in each pack providing a month supply of protection. The refills go for R121.30 each and contain two pellets per pack.

Para’Kito™ are giving away two protection devices so you can give your own verdict on the new product promising to ward off mosquitoes.


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