Choose your holiday based on weather

Posted on 21 November 2011

A pair of Miami Ad School students, Otilia Dobrea and Glen Hansen, have come up with a new way to book your holidays. You don’t choose your destination, you choose the weather you want when you arrive. The concept uses the Virgin brand as the vehicle to carry the idea and demonstrate how it may work in practice. To plan a holiday, you select from a range of criteria – temperature, cloud cover, rain, snow, wind, humidity and UV strength – and then choose how much you can spend which defines how far from your departure point you can get to.

This video explains it a lot better than I can:


My first thought was the obvious one – what happens if you have already been or detest the destination selected for you? Or if you wanted a beach holiday in the sun and you got sent to some desert somewhere? Easily solvable, put an option in for ‘landscape’ so you could select a beach holiday or skiing or whatever you want. I would think that one mystery destination would be better off being made into several options that fall within your criteria, which you can then choose from.

The question is, is this really a viable idea? Would you want to be sent off into the unknown with nary an idea about where you were going to end up until the 11th hour? The concept seems adventurous but it also detracts from the individuality of the place you visit. It is more about getting away from where you are, than heading to a dream destination. There will be no excited planning of itineraries or ‘must see’ lists, no build up of anticipation.

This really would take all the thought out of going travelling, although if it did take off then I see it appealing to armchair adventurers looking for a quick break from life’s monotony rather than those who are actually exploring the world – because that requires you to actually know about it first. Not just jump on a plane.



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