10 tips for camping in winter

Posted by Zimasa Katamzi on 16 July 2021

Camping in winter can get extremely uncomfortable and cold if you are unprepared, but it can be an epic adventure if you do it right. Here are some tips to help ease you into the idea.

1. Choose your campsite wisely

Credit: Scott Ramsay

The most important thing you need to take into consideration when choosing a winter campsite is shelter. It is never a good idea to set up camp at the top of a hill as you’ll be exposed to the elements. A  great idea is to invest in a groundsheet to avoid any cold creeping in.

2. Choose the right sleeping bag

10 tips for camping in winter

It’s always a good idea to check the climate of your destination before you go on your camping trip. This way, you’re able to check whether or not your sleeping bag temperature rating meets the temperatures at your camping spot. Do not forget to purchase a sleeping bag liner if you’re uncertain, which will increase the bag’s temperature by a good 5°C.

3. Taking a sleeping pad/mattress

10 tips for camping in winter

Credit: Getaway Gallery

Sleeping pads and mattresses don’t only provide comfort, but warmth too. They are designed to keep far away from the freezing cold ground. There are also some very lightweight stretchers these days, which provide even more distance between you and the gound.

4. Stay dry

10 tips for camping in winter

Invest in waterproof shoes to avoid having wet and cold feet. When you’re packing for your trip, also make sure you pack extra dry clothes to change into whenever you get soaked. Pro tip: always pack more socks than you think you need!

5. Get a good gas stove

10 tips for camping in winter

It’s winter and firewood is likely to get damp. It might also not be permissible to make fires, depending on where you are camping. Save yourself the hassle of attempting to start a fire by investing in a good, reliable gas stove. Nothing better than a hot meal and drink on a cold morning.

6. Sleep with the next day’s clothes on

To stay warm during the night and to ensure that you’re warm the next morning, sleep with the clothes you’ll be wearing the next day. This way you keep nice and warm during the night and you don’t need to undress in the cold the next morning, especially if you’re getting up early.

7. Pack the correct clothing

Layer up with tops and pants underneath your regular jackets and sweaters. A pair of denim jeans will not work on a winter camping trip. The best items to pack for this trip are gloves, a beanie, warm sweaters and rain jackets, windbreakers, good quality outdoor pants and multiple pairs of socks.

8. Don’t tuck your head inside your sleeping bag

10 tips for camping in winter

Credit: Pixabay

Keep your head and nose outside of the sleeping bag at all times. When you have your head tucked away the moisture in your breath will dampen your sleeping bag during the night, ruining its insulating effect.

9. When nature calls, go

10 tips for camping in winter

You’re bound to urinate a lot more than usual when it’s cold, but don’t hold it in. This wastes energy and can cause health problems you don’t want on a camping trip, so pop out every chance you get, even if it’s cold, and you’re guaranteed to have a good night’s sleep thereafter.

10. Protect your electronics

10 tips for camping in winter

Make sure you keep your electronics cosied up next to you as cold temperatures drain battery life much quicker and can cause permanent damage to them.

Pictures: Unsplash

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