The top 10 most photographed cities on earth

Posted by Adel Groenewald on 13 June 2014

Deciding which city to explore (or not explore) on your next international holiday? This heat map of the most photographed cities in the world is a great place to start.


A heat map showing the world’s most photographed places. Check out for the full, interactive map.

Where do you start when deciding on a holiday destination? There are simply too many guides and lists of places that tell you where should be travelling to. On the other side of the spectrum, there’s your well-travelled friends telling you all about the ‘less touristy’ and ‘off the beaten track’ places that you simply have to visit right now.

To make your life easier, or potentially more difficult, we have compiled another list of places to consider. The top10 most photographed cities on earth. Using a heatmap and the photo-sharing site Panoramia, you can decide if you want to join the madness (and add your pics to it) or avoid those areas. It’s completely up to you. Anyway, here they are.

Top 10 most photographed cities on earth


10. Budapest

10 most photographed places Budapest

Posted on Panoramia by Kincses Ferenc


9. Buenos Aires

10 most photographed places Buenos Aires

Posted on Panoramia by Mara Rodriguez


8. Florence

10 most photographed places Florence

Posted on Panoramia by Leo1383


7. Monte Carlo

10 most photographed places Monte Carlo

Posted on Panoramia by Det Lindinger


6. Venice

10 most photographed places Venice

Posted on Panoramia by Ahmet Bekir


5. Istanbul

10 most photographed places Istanbul

Posted on Panoramia by Mehmet Güçlü


4. Paris

10 most photographed places Paris

Posted on Panoramia by Brent Townshend


3. Barcelona

10 most photographed places Barcelona

Posted on Panoramia by Stathis Chionidis


2. Rome

10 most photographed places Rome

Posted on Panoramia by dziwnowik


1. New York

10 most photographed places New York

Posted on Panoramia by Jorge Carvajal

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