Egypt has reopened the ancient Avenue of Sphinxes in Luxor

Posted by Taylah Strauss on 29 November 2021

The Egyptian Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities hosted the reopening ceremony of the ancient Avenue of Sphinxes in the city of Luxor. The sandstone paved road is approximately 2.7km’s long, lined with more than 1050 statues on either side.

This sacred road connected the Temples of Karnak in the North to Luxor in the south. Ancient Egyptians would hold annual festivals during the second month of the Nile flooding season to celebrate the fertility of the gods and the pharaoh.

Dubbed Opet, this festival witnessed priests who would carry three boats on their shoulders, transporting statues from Karnak to Luxor.

Opet lasted from days to weeks, and the statues were returned to Karnak after the festivities were over. Thus, the reopening of the Avenue of Sphinxes was held in Opet-style, to honour the tradition, which included music, dancing, and light shows.

It is not yet known who could have built this road, but as discoveries continue, archaeologists continue to build a complete picture, according to CBS News.


Picture: arch2452/Flickr Commons


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