Hold your breath for this terrifying canyon swing in Brazil

Posted by Kyro Mitchell on 13 July 2020

Adrenalin junkies across the world are always looking for new and exiting ways to get their blood pumping, whether it be from sky diving, shark cage diving or bungee jumping. A new viral video has surfaced showcasing a death-defying canyon swing in Brazil that might be a step too far, even for the most extreme of adrenaline junkies.

The video is believed to be taken from a Brazilian company named Salto de Pendulo who specialise in outdoor activities. According to their website, ‘We do the Rope Jump because we love to connect with people and be part of their overcoming moments.’

In the video below, which has already amassed over 8.9 million views on Facebook, a woman can be seen carefully making her way to the edge of a canyon before instructors give her a gentle push over the edge. She then seems to drop vertically towards the ground, before vanishing into the thick clouds engulfing the canyon.

The next gentleman to take the leap appears to have a bit more confident, spreading his arms out before jumping into the abyss.

While this canyon swing may seem like nothing more than a one-way ticket to the hospital, Salto de Pendulo pride themselves in safety, their equipment is periodically analysed and replaced according to national and international safety standards, the company says.

‘We work with the best safety equipment in the market. All of our equipment has international safety certificates and we update our gears with the best technologies that provide protection and well-being for all our customers.’ reads the safety section of their website.

Take a look:

Image credit:Twitter/@levanamala

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