Hop onto the steepest funicular in the world: Switzerland’s Stoosbahn

Posted by Anita Froneman on 17 March 2022

The Stoosbahn funicular railway connecting the villages of Schwyz and Stoos is the steepest in the world with a ridiculous 110% (47.7 degrees) gradient.

Renowned as a triumph of Swiss engineering and technological advancements, a level-adjusting function allows the otherworldly carriages to remain horizontal while speeding up the steep plains of the mountain at 35km per hour.

The train has cylindrical carriages that closely resemble beer barrels that carry passengers along the 1 720-metre track.

The Gondola Project, a company that calls itself an ‘urban application designed to increase knowledge about Cable Propelled Transit’, said of the Stoosbahn: ‘Prior to breaking ground, the planning and implementation of this funicular had to overcome a number of challenges. Designers analysed 15 different options before selecting the existing route alignment and technology.’

Curious? You can catch a real-time glimpse of the area through their live webcam here.

Before the Schwyz-Stoos funicular, the Gelmerbahn funicular at Bern, also in Switzerland, was the world’s steepest, with a maximum gradient of 106%.

Take a look at what it’s like from inside the funicular:

Pictures: Stoos Muotatal


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