Rome unveils air-purifying mural

Posted by Ondela Mlandu on 15 November 2018

Rome is home to some impressive urban art. A new mural in the Ostiense District covering the facade of a seven-story building has become Europe’s largest mural. The mural created using an anti-pollution paint that actually purifies the air.


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The artwork, titled Hunting Pollution was painted by artist Federico Massa aka ‘Iena Cruz’ over the period of three weeks and was unveiled in October. Federico Massa took an unconventional approach in creating the massive piece by using an anti-pollution paint that actually purifies the air. The Airlite paint counterbalances smog and pollutants, allowing the air to return to a purer form – it’s said to cleans the air to the same extent as 30 trees in a forest. Accordign to the manufacturer, the paint’utilizes energy from light to it purify the air, it also ‘saves energy, kills harmful pathogens, eliminates bad odour and keeps wall surfaces clean for a long period.’

The mural depicts a graceful tri-coloured heron with extended wings, which is native to coastal areas of North and South America. The artist said,”The inspiration to use the heron is above all because it’s an animal in danger of extinction. Most of my work is influenced by the desire to bring attention to environmental problems, like global warming and the extinction of animal species.”

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