The must-pack Kruger item? We asked and you answered

Posted by Anita Froneman on 4 August 2022

When it comes to planning your trip to Kruger National Park, excitement can often get in the way of packing thoroughly. Of course, everyone knows to pack their camera, but what else are the essential items for a breakaway in the bush?

So, we asked the most experienced Kruger-goers we know (our readers!). What is the most important thing you have to pack when going to Kruger National Park, aside from a camera?

And as always, your responses were on point. Here are some gems:

-UV torch for the scorpions!

-Rusks and condensed milk for the coffee! And obviously, the bino’s are in and the bird book

-A car with a good accelerator!

-The map. Somehow we always get lost

-Citronella oil mixed with eucalyptus oil

-Malaria tablets and Tabard



-My husband

-Clothes, apparently. I was told next time I’d be removed and banned. So much for “nature”…

Thanks for sharing (and oversharing…)

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Picture: Unsplash

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