Your travel pictures from around the world

Posted by Anita Froneman on 6 April 2020

We’re going on a photo journey! We asked for your favourite travel pictures and we’re mighty impressed, if not a little jealous, of all the places you have been.

Let’s not forget about the beautiful world out there, waiting to be rediscovered when it’s safe to do so.

Always remember to travel in a responsible and environmentally kind way.

So here they are. #LetsGetaway!

I’m snuggled in my home with my coffee and remembering the amazing experience climbing Mount Kenya Lenana Peak! An emotional journey summiting that peak gives me hope now that we will get through this!’

‘Taken at Mowani Camp in Namibia. After the passing of my dad, followed by the lockdown in SA I’ve decided to no longer delay any travel dreams. Next stop, Kenya.’

‘Hiking in Mauritius Oct 2019’ 


‘How do you even begin to choose! This is probably one of the exhilarating experiences ever!! Jumping into devil’s pool on the mighty Victoria Falls.’


Corne van Tonder

‘Prins Albert’

See you out there, South Africa!

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