Dine in nature on the outskirts of Stockholm

Posted by Imogen Searra on 24 June 2020

Two prominent activities that people seem to have missed during lockdown are exploring the natural world and eating out. A non-alcoholic winery in Sweden called Oddbird has played right into our hands by opening a restaurant called Nowhere, which combines the two activities.

Instead of having to encounter other humans in a confined space, diners at Nowhere will eat in – you guessed it – the middle of nowhere, surrounded by Mother nature.

Guests will have the option to choose from dining in a meadow, on a raft or under the shade of towering trees when the restaurant opens in August. The restaurant is situated in Häringe Nature Reserve on the outskirts of Stockholm, according to Lonely Planet.

The experience can host up to six tables at a time, scattered in different directions so as to avoid contact with other diners.

The six settings have been crafted from the minds of The Norrmans, two Danish interior designers.


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Escape to nowhere – The endeavour to find tranquility in places we used to call nowhere.

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On the official website, Oddbird explained what the concept of Nowhere is all about: ‘Nowhere is the perfect place. It is a place without prestige. It does not care who you are. It does not discriminate. It is neither inclusive or exclusive. It has no arrogance, no vanity and no bravado. It does not love anyone. It does not hate anyone. Nowhere is never a destination.

‘Nowhere is your backyard that you never find the time to landscape. It is the woods you drive past by on your way to work. Nowhere is a park, a bench or a hill.

‘Nowhere is a place that feels the utmost indifference against everything and everyone. It has no opinion. It has no agenda. It feels nothing.

‘Nowhere is something we desperately need right now. That is why we have taken nowhere and made it into somewhere.’

The food will be crafted and served by Marion Ringborg and Linn Söderström, the team behind Garba. The duo have crafted exciting and delicious pop ups around Sweden, according to the Oddbird website.


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I dryckesrummet kommer det serveras snacks och rätter från meny 💫

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Nowhere will open on 20 August 2020 and is already fully booked for the foreseeable future.


Image credit: © Oddbird


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