Film review: Kingdoms Of Fire, Ice and Fairy Tales

Posted by Anton Crone on 3 September 2020

The makers of the multi-award winning documentary STROOP – JOURNEY INTO THE RHINO WARS have followed up with another groundbreaking film.

Susan Scott and Bonne de Bod conceived KINGDOMS OF FIRE ICE & FAIRY TALES while they were on the film festival circuit for STROOP in California. ‘We both decided to go to Yosemite to get a break from the circuit, and it was a revelation. The idea was born there,’ says de Bod.

The movie celebrates nature in all its glory. Image: screenshot from trailer

KINGDOMS is a departure from their hard hitting, gritty rhino poaching documentary. Their new film is a beautifully crafted celebration of nature, but any similarity to classic wildlife documentaries end there. No Jeremy Irons or David Attenborough narrator. De Bod is the protagonist, an authentic, assured voice who’s screen presence reflects the beauty of the environment she is exploring.

Where many documentaries highlight singular species, KINGDOMS tells a story of the interconnectedness of nature, from Yellowstone National Park in America to the Black Forest in Germany and the Arctic Circle in Swedish Lapland; from trees that sustain entire worlds of insects to mammals that change the course of rivers. There are revelations in this film that would be folly to reveal here for you need to watch it to appreciate the way the story is weaved with fantasy and myth made manifest by nature, so beautifully written by Scott.

Ultimately there is an important message in this film. ‘It’s a reminder that the season of pandemic will pass. That there’s a planet waiting,’ says Scott.

KINGDOMS OF FIRE AND ICE will air on South African screens towards the end of 2020. Watch the trailer: 

Images: Screenshots from trailer 

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