Sudan zoo lions in harrowing condition

Posted by Imogen Searra on 23 January 2020

Five lions in the Al-Qureshi Park in Khartoum, Sudan are in a shocking condition. Images show that these magnificent animals are skin and bone, mangey and knocking on death’s door. The state of these animals has sparked an international campaign to save them.

According to AFP, the animals are living in small cages and have been subjected to food and medical shortages for weeks. Their health has rapidly declined, with their body weight sitting at two-thirds less than what it should be.

A manager of the zoo, Essamelddine Hajjar, spoke to AFP and said that staff have been using their own money to try feed the lions.

Sadly, one of the lionesses succumbed to the circumstances and died on 20 January. The state of the lions prompted Osman Salih to start the online campaign titled #Sudananimalrescue.

The park is co-managed by Khartoum municipality which receives funding from private donors. Sudan is currently facing an economic crisis, inflated food prices and a shortage of foreign currency.



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Image: Twitter

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