6 adrenaline-pumping swings across the world

Posted by Anita Froneman on 22 May 2020

Some adventure-seekers thrive off adrenaline and the scarier, the better. When bungee and zip-line are too old school, there are swings. And we don’t mean the playground type.

Take a look at some of the world’s highest commercial swings for those who like a little challenge.

1. The Nevis Swing, New Zealand

With a staggering 70m free fall, the swing takes riders in a massive 300m arc. Those who can keep their eyes open will be rewarded with stunning views of Queenstown.

2. Swing at the end of the Word, Ecuador

This swing offers riders a magnificent view of the Tungurahua Volcano. The swing itself is not that high off the ground – the part that is over the ground, that is. It does swing you over a cliff drop too, so hold on tight.

3. The Bali Swing, Indonesia

Situated in a beautiful forest near Ubud, the Bali Swings have different options. It’s biggest one, of course, that peaked our interest. Coming in at a lofty 78m high, this one takes you over the top of the jungle.

4. Giant Swing, China

The big daddy of all swings hangs from a 100m high arch and swings over a 300m cliff drop in a theme park in China. Would you try it?

5. Big Rush, South Africa

Right here on our own doorstep is the world’s highest rope swing. Not built like a traditional swing, zipline meets bungee on this thriller of a ride. Riders jump off the 100m high arch of the Moses Mabhida Stadium in Durban, swinging through the air and ending at the bottom.

6. Graskop Gorge Big Swing, South Africa

Another one of our own, the world’s highest cable gorge swing has a 68m free fall. Situated in Mpumalanga, this swing gives you panoramic views of the stunning Graskop Gorge.

Image credit: Instagram/BigRushDurban

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