Agulhas National Park’s wonderful landscapes, fauna and flora

Posted by Anita Froneman on 18 February 2021

South Africa is lucky to have several awe-inspiring national parks with a multitude of different plant and animal species, as well as stunning scenery.

Although one of the smallest national parks in South Africa, Agulhas National Park in the Western Cape is home to 2,000 native plant species, according to ReWild.

‘With a wetland that provides refuge to birds and amphibians, Agulhas National Park is home to hundreds of indigenous fynbos species, Southern right whales, the African black oystercatcher, Damara tern and the Cape platanna,’ the organisation wrote on YouTube.

‘The cultural heritage of the park is significant, with discoveries of stone hearths, pottery, shell middens and ancient fish traps comprising some of the cultural relics – linked to Khoisan migration and settlements of the Late Stone Age,’ they add.

Of course, the Park is also the famous meeting place of the Indian and Atlantic oceans and is the southernmost tip of the African continent.

The area was treacherous terrain for ships many years ago, and several wrecks dot the coastline.

Here you can find the popular Meisho Maru that ran aground in 1982 near the southernmost point monument. All 17 crew members swam safely to shore.

Take a look at what the Park has to offer:

Picture: SANParks

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