Canada’s floating sauna makes the perfect remote getaway

Posted by Lucinda Dordley on 12 August 2020

There’s nothing like a relaxing, remote getaway to help one centre themselves, especially in the midst of a global pandemic. A floating sauna located at Nimmo Bay Wilderness Resort in the Great Bear Rainforest, British Columbia is an example of this kind of break.

The sauna is so remote, in fact, that it can only be accessed via kayak.

The floating sauna can only be reached from the water.

‘Visiting the sauna dock is often built into a wellness-themed day. There is the opportunity to picnic on the dock as well, have a bonfire, or take a guided outdoor yoga class. Our guests have really taken to the truly magical experience of being so immersed in the wilderness, while allowing them a chance to focus on their wellbeing,’ said Beth Mosby, spokesperson for Nimmo Bay, to Lonely Planet.

At the resort, guests can rent private cabins as well as book guided boat trips and helicopter tours to drink in the great beauty of nature. Some of the activities available include kayaking, fishing, hiking, paddle boarding, foraging for edible plants (under the guidance of a food expert), as well as yoga and meditating.

The Nimmo Bay Wilderness Resort is open between May and October and has nine cabins.

Pricing begins at $1,495 per night. For more information, visit the Nimmo Bay Wilderness Resort website.

Image: Nimmo Bay Wilderness Resort

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