Tips for nature photography

Posted on 3 June 2024 By Nomvelo Masango

Nature photography can be quite challenging. However, seeing the beauty of the images you have captured can also make it very fulfilling.

As you travel and explore different destinations, you will encounter natural beauty worth capturing. Whether you are starting out, or you consider yourself as quite experienced behind the lens, capturing images in nature always comes with room for improvement.

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Here are some tips to enhance your nature photography skills:

Take multiple shots

The more shots you take, the better. Do not shy away from capturing multiple images of the same subject. You can shoot from different angles in both landscape and portrait orientation. Additionally, it helps to change the distance at which you capture your shots in order to bring variety and create multiple options for yourself.

Use natural lighting to your advantage

Nature photography requires you to be very conscious of natural lighting and the impact it can have on your shot. When capturing images just after sunrise or before the sun sets, that period is known as golden hour. During that time, the natural lighting provides a soft and hazy quality due to evenly diffused sunlight. During golden hour, you can use natural lighting to capture some really great images.

The rule of thirds

Picture: Getaway Gallery

The rule of thirds is an important photography technique. It offers a pleasing composition and helps you to balance your main subject with negative space in your shot. Imagine that your frame is divided into a 3×3 grid, and capture your main subject in a third of the grid.

Use a tripod

When shooting in nature, the use of a tripod is advisable. It will help you to improve depth and eliminate blurry shots, while also allowing you to set up and compose your shot in advance. If you are taking wildlife shots, a tripod also helps to minimise movement. This way, you are able to avoid distracting or scaring off your subject.

Capture contrast

Contrast is a useful concept in photography, especially when capturing images in nature. Whether it’s the contrast between turquoise waters and white sand, or clear blue skies and a desert landscape, such a distinction can add substance to your images and elevate the quality thereof.

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