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Blow your vuvuzela on rhino day!

On 22 September, rhino day, WWF calls on all concerned citizens of the world to dust off their vuvuzelas, toot their horns and to make as much noise as possible, at 1pm, as a symbolic act to send a powerful message to leaders that the time to take serious and effective action against rhino poaching is now.

Rhino day will be the culmination of a month-long campaign by WWF and other partners, encouraging the public to help support South Africa’s rhino warriors – the men and women at the frontline who risk their lives daily against the sophisticated, ruthless and heavily-armed international criminal gangs who run the illegal rhino horn trade.

Together we can all play a role in the fight against Rhino poaching.

WWF is challenging individuals, businesses, schools, universities and other organisations to make a noise on 22 September!

Please join, Rhino Africa, Wildlife ACT and the WWF on Wednesday 22 September outside Parliament in Cape Town at midday to raise awareness of rhino poaching.

Read more about rhino poaching and what you can do to help.

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  • Philippa Elaine Castle

    On the premise that all is energy and like attracts like, may I suggest a shift of focus away from fighting against and toward education of the people who are currently creating the need and the demand for this natural product. The Rhino Warriors on the ground need all the help, exposure and funds they can get, ensuring the safety of each individual rhino. I believe education is the key to success.


    I’ve shared, shared, and, shared 3 times today. I’ve added my comments and I DO believe my friends and their friends etc., etc., will pass it on. Maybe, hopefully the WHOLE world will hear our quest and they can join in! (I can’t find a calendar date to pass onto frieds to remember the date – I don’t know how to do this… PLEASE ADD!)