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From Disaster comes Art. Rory Allen’s time lapse of the Clifton Trawler being removed is just beautiful.


Allen describes what happened:

What was supposed to be a single time lapse of the ship getting pulled out, ended up turning into a four day documentation of the entire event. This is a continuation from my previous time lapses found here

There were three attempts to pull the ship out, two of them failing with the rope snapping and the third being a success. The diesel on the Japanese trawler, which was also carrying fish, had to be pumped into a bladder on the beach to decrease its weight, making it easier to pull out. It ended up being quite a lengthy operation involving teams of specialised staff to operate and to offload machinery, and to coordinate the event.

The diesel was offloaded, a stronger towing point was welded to the rear of the ship and she was pulled out at high tide on Friday the 18th May 2012.

Shot on a Canon 5DMKII and a 24-70mm f2.8
Track is by Broke for Free

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