Enter the 2018 Getaway Gallery Photographic Competition in association with Canon

This year’s Getaway Gallery Competition winner is in for a holiday of a lifetime to one of Africa’s most photogenic destinations: Madagascar. Enter and win a trip for two to Nosy Be, Madagascar worth R64262 and Canon gear worth R38999!

The winner, plus a partner, will fly from Johannesburg to Nosy Be in Madagascar, courtesy of Airlink. Airlink operates direct flights to Nosy Be on Sundays and seasonal flights Wednesdays.

Once there, they’ll be taken to Sakatia Lodge on Sakatia Island. Set between the ocean, a natural rainforest and mangroves, the lodge offers the quintessential island holiday.

There is much to do on this little sliver of heaven: Madagascar is rich in biodiversity, on land and in water, so there’s incredible diving and snorkelling, hikes through the forest, touring the mainland, horseback riding and, in season, whale watching. The lodge itself is set on a pristine beach, with plenty of palm trees and shade and private nooks to relax in. A week in paradise awaits the winner of this competition.


The grand prize worth R62262 to Madagascar includes:

• two return air tickets (incl. taxes) on Airlink from Joburg to Nosy Be, valid for one year 2019 (excl. prime seasons);
• full board accommodation for two at Sakatia Lodge in a three-bedroom Beachfront Villa (four friends can join the winner at no extra cost, but must pay for flights and food);
• return airport transfers;
introduction to diving with two dives per person;
• guided walk of Nosy Sakatia;
• dinner, including a bottle of wine, on the beach;
• 1 Canon 6D MkII DSLR camera;
• 1 Canon 24-105 IS STM lens.


The second prize worth R27999 includes

Canon EOS 8D One Canon EOS 80D DSLR camera and a 18-135 IS USM lens.


The third prize worth R14999 includes

One Canon EOS M6 mirrorless camera and a 15-45 kit lens.

Reader’s Choice prize

In addition to standing the chance of winning these prizes, entrants could win a monthly Reader’s Choice Award which goes to the image with the most votes on Getaway’s Facebook page.

Each month, one week before the magazine hits shelves, we’ll post the top 10 images selected by our judges online. From those, our judges will have chosen the top five images that you’ll find in the magazine the following week (and go into the running for the amazing grand prize) and you, the reader, will be able to vote for your top images too! The image with the most votes at the end of each week will win a year’s print subscription to Getaway Magazine.


How to enter

The 2018 Getaway Gallery competition in association with Canon is in full swing. Send us your best images of African wildlife, people and landscape images.

Email your entries (about 1MB in size, max five a month) with your name and contact details to [email protected]. Include a title, some information on how and where you took the image, and details on the camera make and model. You can find more information about our image criteria here.

Submit your images here


Terms and conditions

For photographers

  1. African citizens/foreigners with permanent residency, work visas, critical skills visas or long-term residency visas in an African country or its islands are eligible to enter this competition.
  2. Entrants must be over 18 years of age. Entrants expressly declare that they are duly authorised to participate in the competition.
  3. All caption, personal and technical information that is requested must be supplied by the photographer.
  4. Photographers must have taken the image that they submit themselves and be able to supply RAW or original files when requested. Photographers must receive permission in their private capacity to photograph any subject matter (be it human or animal) before entry to the competition. Getaway and Gallery sponsors bear no legal responsibility for images published or used in the Gallery structure.
  5. We do not retain copyright to your photographs outside of the Getaway Gallery structure (Gallery monthly feature in the Getaway magazine, Best of Gallery social media posts, Best of Getaway Gallery coffee table book and Gallery Calendar). Your details will be credited alongside your photograph wherever featured.


For images

  1. If your image has won, or placed, in any previous photographic competition, information thereof must be declared upon entry. Similarly, images that have been published, either in print or online, must be accompanied by a declaration (please include details of publication and date). Judges reserve the right to exclude any images deemed to have been used or appeared in public extensively.
  2. If your image is chosen for publication by another entity after having been selected as a Gallery finalist, please notify the Gallery Team immediately.
  3. You may not enter the same image into the Gallery competition more than once.


For subject matter

  1. Only subject matter taken in Africa and its islands are eligible for entry.
  2. Harassment of both people and animals or destruction of the environment in pursuit of an image will not be tolerated.
  3. Images will be rejected should there be any baiting and/or manipulation of animal behaviour to the advantage of the photographer. Animals must be free-roaming and not held in captive or restrictive environments, even for rehabilitation purposes. Images taken from hides will be accepted.


For image editing

  1. Images must accurately and realistically represent the natural world. Minimal editing will be allowed within the following guidelines: Normal processing of RAW and JPEG images (minor adjustments to colour, contrast, gradients, sharpening, noise reduction and HDR) are acceptable. HDR composites and panoramic stitching will be allowed so long as the final image bears a realistic resemblance to the original scene. No cloning, additions or removal of subjects from an image will be allowed. Cropping must be kept to the minimum – images with a cropping factor of greater than 30% of the original image will be judged negatively. We will request the original RAW or JPEG file if any queries arise.


Prize terms and conditions

  1. Prizes are non-transferable, and no cash alternatives are available.
  2. Prizes are only deliverable to African postal addresses.
  3. In order to secure your travel dates, it is recommended to book your ticket at least four months prior to departure.
  4. Winner must have valid travel documents (passport, required visas and relevant health certificates) and insurance.
  5. The closing date for entries is 15 October 2018. The judges cannot accept responsibility for late entries.
  6. The judges’ decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.
  7. All entrants’ information will be used only in accordance with our Privacy Policy.
  8. Multiple winners may be subject to a tie-break to decide an outright winner.
  9. Getaway may re-allot prizes if we are unable to contact selected winners. Please ensure that you provide the correct contact details.
  10. Prizes not claimed within three months will be forfeited.
  11. Any deviation from the rules and/or attempt to manipulate the outcome of the prize will result in disqualification.
  12. The winner’s details and winning photograph may be released, performed or displayed to the public by Getaway or the sponsors of this prize. The winner’s details will be credited alongside the photograph wherever featured.
  13. By entering into this competition it is deemed that you have read and understood these rules.



  • Heike

    If entrant is under the age of 18. Then what?

    • Chris Davies

      Hello Heike. I’m afraid we do not accept submissions from entrants under the age of 18. Only 18 and older are eligible to win.

  • Nicolette

    Good day. Is there a theme per month, or can one just send any photo that falls within the categories listed on the left of the webpage (which appears to be anything)? There also does not appear to be a maximum amount of entries per person…? Warm regards…

  • Nicole Abbott

    Good Day, Can you send any photos in? or is there a specific category?
    Can I submit as many photos as I like?

  • Graeme


    Do we get a confirmation of receipt?

    • Chris Davies

      Hi Graeme. the confirmation response email seems to be acting up at the moment, but yes you should get a notification. We’re looking into it and in the mean time I’ll check with our head of photography and make sure we double check and get back to you.

  • Reynhardt Pitout

    Hi there, I just want to be sure….I can’t submit a landscape shot under “travel”?

    • Chris Davies

      Hi Reynhardt. Landscape images are absolutely fine. Send away.

  • Hi. Please advise how the voting system works for photo’s that have made it into the finalist category ?

    • Chris Davies

      Hi Vivek. Getaway will convene a panel of judges to decide on the overall winners. There will be no public voting element this year. We’ll be announcing the judges in early 2015.

  • Amartya

    Can I submit travel and wildlife images taken anywhere in the world (e.g. India) or do the images necessarily have to be shot in Africa?

    • Chris Davies

      Hi Amartya. Images taken both internationally or within Africa and its islands can be submitted. Good luck!

      • Tracy Springorum

        Hi Chris
        The T&Cs state that “Only images taken by African residents, within Africa and its islands are eligible”. In otherwords India would not be permitted.
        Please confirm.

        • Chris Davies

          That is correct Tracy – images taken in India are not eligible for this competition.

  • Hi, I entered the competition last year and got the photo of the day without knowing about the 18 year old restriction. But then i was 15, and am now 16. Can I still send in my pictures with the possibility of getting the best monthly photo, while knowing I can’t retrieve a prize or position in the competition at the end of the year?


    • Chris Davies

      Hi Conrad. We’d love you to still send us your photos, but yes unfortunately only over-18’s are eligible to win. If your photo makes the grade we’ll certainly feature it and may publish it separately that month. Please do just remind us of your age each time you submit an image. And thanks for checking with us. We look forward to seeing your photos!

  • Elro

    Hi. Im 14 and sent in a image. If I get a prize will I be able to get it through my dad. Will he count as a winner and then give the prize to me.

    • Chris Davies

      I’m afraid not Elro. We may publish your image and credit you, but only over-18 photographers are eligible to win.

  • Antony

    Please can you explain point 13 in your rules – specifically how it relates to comments above like “We don’t retain the right to use your photographs for anything outside of the Gallery structure” (which seems to tie up to point 12 in the rules)

    What I’d like to understand is do we retain or cede copyright to our entries?

    • Chris Davies

      Hi Antony. Apologies for the delay getting back to you. It is the paragraph on the top of the page that applies and the (now) old point 13, (on waiving moral rights) is not relevant for this competition. To avoid the confusion we have completely removed point 13 from the T&C’s. To be clear, Getaway will only use entrants’ images for activities related to the Getaway Gallery structure. (Gallery monthly feature in the Getaway magazine, Best of Gallery monthly Facebook and Twitter posts and Best of Getaway Gallery Coffee-table Book). In all cases images used in this way will be credited to the photographer. Sorry that this was so unclear before. If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to ask.

      • Antony

        Thanks Chris. Much appreciated. I’ll definitely be entering a few pics…

        • Chris Davies

          Great! We look forward to seeing them.

  • Are we able to submit for the month of April on the 1st, or does that mean March is the last month for submissions?

    • Chris Davies

      Hi Stefan. The 1 April submission deadline is the print deadline for our June issue. June is then the last month we will be publishing finalist images, and the overall winners will be announced in July 2015. So long as we receive your images by 1 April they will be eligible for the 2014/2015 competition. We plan to continue the competition into 2016 so images received after 1 April 2015 will likely be entered into the next cycle. We will be confirming details for the 2015/2016 competition once prizes have been confirmed.

  • Lana

    Is there any rules regarding the editing of photos?

    • Chris Davies

      Hi Lana. We allow basic editing (gradients, levels, cropping, subtle colour changes, black and white conversions), as well as minimal use of the clone and transform tools to fix dust spots and other minor defects. The edited photograph has to remain recognisable and noticeably similar to the original. We will ask for the original image to be supplied if major editing changes are suspected.

  • Jess

    Hi Chris
    May I enter the same photo into more than one competition other than getaway?

    • Chris Davies

      Hi Jess. While we would prefer you didn’t 🙂 we hold no restriction on your image use and you are free to enter it wherever and whenever you like. Ideally we’d ask you to enter with us, and if you don’t win, continue to enter in any other competitions you wish.

  • Kim M

    Hi I am a South African Citizen living in Australia. Can I enter?

    • Chris Davies

      That’s fine Kim, yes. Just please note that the prize does not include international airfares, and is valid for 2015 only.

  • When I reduce my image to 15cm, it ends up a tiny 72kb – is this too small?

    • Chris Davies

      Hi Helen. Yes that does sound a bit small. Perhaps you’re reducing to 15 pixels and not 15cm? There are a few different things which might be happening, but if you aim for about 1200px wide and a DPI of 72 (which is good enough for screen viewing) then you should be able to save a high quality jpeg image at about 200-400kb file size.

  • JoAnna

    Hi Chris.

    I’m wondering when the deadline per month is. Since up to 5 images are allowed per month, are due (submitted by) the last day of the month? Or the first? Or a specific date? Or would I be able to turn in 10 images all in March as long as it’s before April 1st? I wasn’t able to find this information in the rules.

    Thanks for your help!


    • Chris Davies

      Hi JoAnna. The deadline is the end of the month, but may vary by a day or two depending on when the weekends fall. If you submit before the 28th you’re sure to be included in that month’s selection. If you have 10 images to submit for this year’s, then best to submit five now, before 28 Feb, and the other 5 anytime through to the end of March.

  • Tiaan

    Hi Chris,
    The 5 images, can it be 5 single entries or should the 5 images form a series?

    • Chris Davies

      Hi Tiaan. They can be 5 completely separate images. No need for a series.

  • Marion

    Hi Chris

    Does it matter when the photo was taken?

    • Chris Davies

      Not at all. 🙂

  • meed amine

    I just want to know the min size of the pics and of the px
    And how many pics are we allow to submit for each week or month or for entire year

  • Vivek

    Who were the winners of the 2014 competition ?

    • Chris Davies

      Hi Vivek. Our 2014/2015 competition winners have yet to be announced. They will be in our July issue.


    Hey, Can we submit photos for the 2015/2016 competition yet?

    • Chris Davies

      Hi Adam. Sure send away. We’ll file them for the next competition – we’re just still finalising the prizes and so forth.

  • Hi Getaway,

    How are the winners chosen? Are they judged or does it come down to a vote competition?

    Will only enter if it’s judges choice,


    • Chris Davies

      Hi Taryn. Monthly finalists are chosen in house by the Getaway team and the final choice is made by a small panel of respected professional photographers. Getaway Gallery is not open to public voting at any point.

  • Bridget

    Hi Chris,

    I am very interested in entering the competition. I see it runs from Feb – Oct 2016 and we need to submit 5 photos each month.

    I only saw the competition now and wanted to know if i only submit my first set of 5 photos in March will i still be eligible for the competition as i wont have time to submit for the month of Feb?

    Is it imperative that we submit 5 photos each month?

    Kind Regards, Bridget

    • Chris Davies

      Hi Bridget. It’s a maximum of 5 per month, so any number between 1 and 5 per month. You can submit 1 in Feb, 3 in March, none in April, etc. Totally up to you how many you submit and when, providing you don’t exceed 5 in a calendar month. The 6th and onwards within a given month will not be considered. Good luck!

      • Bridget

        Hi Chris, Thanks for the reply -looking forward to it 🙂

  • Hestie

    Still trying to figure out if we can enter India photos?

    • Chris Davies

      Hi Hestie. No India photos I’m afraid. Images of African wildlife, landscapes or people will be accepted.

  • Hi Chris. I don’t have a computer, just a tablet, and no tools to resize my photos to 240 pixels like required. How can I go about this?

    • Chris Davies

      Afternoon! Those image resizing instructions are more of a guideline to help reduce file size without compromising image quality. We just don’t want high res / RAW images at the submission stage and following those steps should result in a decent quality image that’s still easily emailed. I’m not sure what tablet you have, but there should be an app you can use to process / save your images in a compressed format (Snapseed?) and if they are 1 to 2MB file size then that should be fine to send.

  • Jasmin Mostert

    Hi there, I just have two questions regarding the competition. i) Is the competition only open to subscribers or can non-subscribers also enter? ii) I see that you require certain info regarding ISO, Aperture, Shutter speed and Lens type when submitting entries and so I am not sure whether it is a prerequisite for the photographs to have been taken using an SLR camera or are photos taken with a Digital camera fine too ?

    • Chris Davies

      Hi Jasmin. To answer your questions, i) Both subscribers and non-subscribers are welcome to enter. Images must be taken on the continent and its islands, by African citizens. Foreigners with permanent residency in an African country may also enter. ii) Images don’t have to be taken on an SLR. Most non-SLR cameras will also retain the ISO and aperture, etc. Sometimes it is hidden in the META data and not obviously available. Please just supply what you can. Good luck!

  • Hi there,

    If someone wins the competition are they allowed to name the lodges and airlines they flew with in the blog they must write?

    • Hi Esmerelda,

      The blog post will be about that person’s favourite experiences and images from the trip. They are welcome to mention where they stayed in their story.

  • Christine Lee

    Hi there

    I’ve followed the Lightroom instructions to resize my image (15cm; 240 pixels/cm), but it’s still 15.9MB after exporting. Is it crucial to reduce the size?

    • Hi Christine,
      That must be quite a large file! Are you saving the reduced version in Jpeg format? You can also reduce the save output to a lower value, say 10cm width @ 150 pixels. We will contact you should we need a higher file size.
      Our servers won’t accept a file size larger than 8mb so if you can’t get it right, you are welcome to Dropbox the image to [email protected] instead.

  • Hi There

    Can we submit photos of Namibia?

    • Hello, yes you can. You can submit images taken anywhere on Africa and its islands.

  • Hi There

    I read you allow editing to a certain degree. Does that include adding colour to a black and white photograph?

    Thank you

    • Hi Gary, we allow slight changes to the image (such as contrast, levels, black and white conversions, cropping and realistic HDR adjustments). Rule of thumb is that the image needs to look recognisably like the original. Re-colourisation would be over-edited in this regard as it is too open to personal influence and imagination. Please do submit regardless- it would still be acceptable as a monthly Highly Commended finalist published on the website.

  • Bryan


    Are you sure about these dates in the T&C?

    3.Travel to Botswana must be undertaken in 2018 within the date guidelines set out by Pangolin Safaris. Travel dates are set for 7 – 11 May 2017, 3 – 7 July 2017 and 7 – 11 Aug 2017.

    • Hi Brian, no those must definitely be revised. I will update shortly. Thanks for the heads up!

  • are B&W images allowed? if not, can I re-submit the colour ones?

    • Kati Auld

      Hi Douge – yes, black and white photos are allowed.

  • Denni Raubenheimer

    “Cropping must be kept to the minimum and no greater than 30% of the original image.” Does the 30% mean that a 20MP photo after cropping must be larger than 14MP, or 6MP? We deliberately choose to go for a 36MP full frame camera as it allows for significant cropping when required. Bird photographers often crop beyond a resulting photo that is 70% of the original size. In my opinion if the resulting photo is still more than about 10MP in size it is large enough for publication. Please clarify..

    • Hi Denni
      While a 10mb file size is sufficient for publication purposes, we’re more concerned with misrepresenting reality. The JPEG submitted must reflect the natural scene as much as possible, so too much cropping (more than 30% of the image surface area) will count negatively against your image.
      Hope that helps,

    • Hi Denni, I have amended the cropping terms to be clearer. We will judge each image on an individual basis with context in mind, but as a general rule images with a large crop factor will be judged negatively.

  • Hi whats the situation on per-say a series of photographs??

    • Hi Sean, We publish one image per monthly finalist. If you submit a series and we select it as a finalist for the month, we would choose the best image and publish that file.

  • Marie Smal

    Good day, are photos taken with a cell phone with high quality camera allowed? Regards

    • Yes- any camera is allowed. The final image should be higher than 3mb or larger.

  • Hi I am based in Swaziland, can I enter? And can the image be in black and white?

    • Hi, you can enter the competition so long as you are a resident of any African country (read more under ‘Terms and conditions’). Black and White images are allowed.

  • Is there a restriction as to the date the photo was taken?

    • Hi Robyn, no, here is no date restriction so long as the image has not been submitted to Getaway Gallery previously or appeared as a finalist in any local or international competitions.

  • Dwayne

    Good day can I submit photos taken from my iPhone 7plus?

    • Kati Auld

      Yes, you can. Good luck!

  • Jennifer

    Hi, I am in South Africa on a relative visa. Am I eligible to submit? Thanks!

    • HI Jennifer, yes, relative visas are accepted. Submit away!

  • Michael

    Hi There. If you sent an image previously and it didnt win. Can you send it again for another month?

    • Hi Michael, thanks for getting in touch. You can only submit an image once, and new images will stand you a much better chance of winning! Good luck

  • Please help…. exporting from lightroom how do/and where do I enter 1MB in size … how many pixels and what length and with should my photo be. I can export photos print (ie 18MB) ext as this was set up for me…. I am a bit stupid re this technical side.

  • sharon

    Hi, I love the prizes and have some good pics that I`d love to enter for fun and also …well you never can tell…a fab prize would be a real bonus. My prob is i just focus,point and shoot. Now i am intimidated at the technicalities you require. …Does this mean i cant send.

    • Hi Sharon, no of course you can send! We all start somewhere and you never know, you might just have a winner in your snaps. We look forward to seeing them.

  • I know you recently answered this but I need to clarify it. If I have taken images in 2012 but have never made it publicly know or have never entered it into any competitions. Am I able to enter them in to this competition at present?

    • Hi Earl. Yes, you can enter images that have not been published or submitted to the Gallery previously. We have amended the rule under ‘For Images’ to be a bit clearer.

  • Anesh

    is city with mountain a part of ‘Landscape’?

    • Hi Anesh, yes it is. For the Gallery competition, a landscape is any scene of inanimate objects, i.e man-made (cities) or natural objects (trees and mountains)

  • Brian Hendry

    Are bird photo allowed in the wildlife section Brian

  • Karen Van Niekerk

    I shoot a lot of river/estuary scenes. Will they be acceptable as landscapes?

  • kobadumas

    hi, can you send photos that have already been published on your personal social media (e.g. Instagram)?

    • Melanie van Zyl

      Hello, yes you can!

  • Chris Rossouw

    Hi Teagan
    just wanted to check , are you suppose to receive a confirmation email when you enter?
    i sent my email with entries ,no reply
    please note this is my first time.


  • Ilse Du Preez

    Can i enter more than one image in the same catogory???

    • Hi Ilse, yes you can. You can enter up to 5 images overall per month.

  • Annerie

    When is someone considered an amateur? I hate entering as an amateur to compete against professionals