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Hola fellow travelers and travel lovers, I am Stu, an erstwhile nomad with dreams of becoming a full-time nomad as I travel South Africa. And so the dream begins …

It all started on last years inaugural Put Foot Rally where I snuck into the Getaway Team‘s cab and proceeded to have a rollicking adventure through seven country in seventeen days. The result? An incurable case of itchy feet.

It took a little bit longer than I planned but with little or no fanfare I built some storage, an uncomfortable bed and a fridge into my bakkie and hit the road in June of this year and so the Going Homeless Project was born.

I have been travelling for nearly four months and I am blown away by how little I knew of the amazing places in South Africa, even at the better known locations in the country. I have discovered places I had never heard of, rediscovered and found new wonders at places I did.

At the start of my journey I gave myself twelve months and the longer I am on the road the more I seem to re-adjust the timeframe to infinity and beyond. I look forward to sharing some of the incredible places I have visited and those I intend to visit and hope you enjoy them, vicariously through me, as much as I have and will.

If I have one piece of advice for you: stop what you’re doing and go travelling in South Africa. It will change your life, your perspective and give you an appreciation for everything this country offers those willing to explore.


You can follow my trip on or you can follow me on Twitter – @going_homeless.

3 Responses to “The Going Homeless Project”

  1. Roxanne

    Oh Stu, have fun exploring. But I warn you, it will never be enough. We spent three months travelling South Africa a few years ago, and have just finished another three-month stint travelling further afield in Southern and Central Africa. We got back a month ago and are already planning the next three-month trip! Nothing like a bout of gypsying to make you even more restless; I envy you your year or more!

  2. Stu

    Roxanne, very true I am starting to become aware of the elephant in the room regarding how to end a journey and well I think I just keep going … Forever! Seems the only logical solution 🙂

    Thanks for the comment. Hope your next trip is awesome

  3. Gypsy Girl

    LOVE this Stu Cooper..and well timed for me. About to be homeless and travelling too, from October! Gutsy I might add, now that I am a week and a half away from not knowing where my head will rest at night. Love the pic!


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