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Sucks to be you parts of Europe

Amazon have officially rolled out distribution of the Kindle Touch across the world. Well almost… Ironically, parts of Europe are going to have to wait for the international roll out. Makes a change. How do you like being the last to get access to tech now UK, Germany, Italy and France? Huh? Enough gloating. It’s pretty exciting news for book lovers that Amazon’s Kindle Touch device is officially available here.

Meh! I have an iPad

Kindle devices are purpose built for reading where iPads and similar tablet devices have reflective screens which make them difficult to read in some environments. Kindle however, uses e-ink which behaves like a book – read it in daylight without strain to the eyes. Buying a Kindle gives you access to Amazon’s library of, in their words, ‘Over 1 million books, newspapers, and magazines, including latest bestsellers, Kindle exclusives, Audible audiobooks and more.’ Though they also say ‘For non-U.S. customers, content availability varies.’ There are ways to get around this ‘shortcoming’ if you’re determined. Google is your friend.

Kindle Touch highlights;

* Holds 3000 books

* Advanced e-ink display

* The only e-reader with text-to-speech (reads to you), audiobooks and mp3 support.

* X-ray feature lets you look up characters, phrases and more

* Built-in WiFi lets you get books in 60 seconds

I want!

Currently the Kindle Touch is listed on Amazon as costing US$139. Be aware that there may be added customs duties to consider but Amazon say they’ll show you what these will be before you have to pay.

What is that all?

For more info, reviews and to order your legit Kindle Touch, head on over to Amazon’s Kindle Touch page.

Visit Simon Dingle’s How to Buy a Kindle page for some SA specific Kindle setup advice and tips.

We’ve got your Kindle covered

When you have it in your hands give it some character and make your own Kindle cover for under R50.

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5 Responses to “Amazon makes Kindle Touch available in South Africa”

  1. gavin

    yeah but it’s not the 3G version yet…. amazon are going to lose a lot of market share to the up-and-comers with this late rollout strategy…

  2. Kevin Rosman

    The problem is that you are completely dependant on WiFi accessibility, unlike the previous Kindle. This is going to seriously restrict its usefulness in South Africa, and in the rest of Africa.

    Fix that, and I’ll buy tomorrow. Without that, I’mnot in the market for it.

  3. Stefan Venter

    Rather buy your kindle through a Southa African dealer.
    I tried to buy a Kindle DX (Big screen) directly from Amazon last year.
    A month after their delivery date, and hundreds of emails, I had to phone their offices in the USA to try and recover my money spent with Amazon. I was placed on hold, and listened to their call center music for close to 45 minutes while being transferred from pillar to post at international call rates, trying to find out where my order was cancelled. In the end I was refunded at the rand dollar exchange rate (and the rand was lower then) and lost a bit of money, They were very unhelpful and irritated that I wanted my money back. I got a same day delivery when I bought a DX Kindle from a local supplier. I must also admit that it is very easy to buy kindle books from Amazon, as it is mailed to the kindle within seconds.
    I had lots of trouble trying to buy e-books fron, and gave up, now reading books boughtfrom Amazon instead.


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