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The latest rhino poaching figures are out and the Department of Environmental Affairs have confirmed that 455 rhinos have already been poached this year. According to a report on Tourism Update, this is more than the poaching total for the whole of last year, when 448 rhinos were poached in our reserves. The figure has gone up drastically since its previous release in June. The total stood on 251 then.

KwaZulu-Natal, Limpopo and the North West provinces continue to be the hardest hit by poachers, with 150 rhinos having poached in this area. Kruger National Park holds the highest number by far, however, with 272 rhinos having been poached in the park alone this year.

On the bright side, a total of 207 arrests have been made in connection with rhino poaching, but unfortunately it’s clear that the problem is yet to be fully resolved.

To give us all a little bit of hope, this picture was taken two years ago in Aquila Game Reserve, just after a mother brought a baby rhino into the world. Read more about the picture by clicking here.


Rhino baby Aquila Game Reserve

*Photographer: Tammy Dennis

Here’s how you can help

Phone 0800 205 005 with any tip-offs that could lead to preventing this cruel siege to continue

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*Feature image courtesy of Jon Morgan

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