Time to book that holiday as FlySafair offers R10 tickets

Posted on 8 May 2024

If you want to travel but haven’t been able to because of a tight budget, you might be able to get a plane ticket for as little as R10, which includes airport taxes.


FlySafair, a low-cost airline, will sell 50 000 seats on some of its local flights for R10 today.

However, it will be difficult to obtain tickets because the airline expects up to one million people to take advantage of the R10 flights special.

The FlySafair flight sale is part of the low-cost carrier’s 10-year anniversary celebration, with 50 000 seats on selected domestic flights available for R10.

The same promotion ran for R9 last year, and in 2022, a ticket cost R8.

As is customary, the sale is entirely based on luck and will be available only through the airline’s website.

As in previous years, FlySafair will have an online waiting room operational to protect its website, as over a million South Africans are expected to visit the website today in the hopes of obtaining a R10 ticket.

However, this will be determined by the luck of the draw, as the waiting room will only allow a few customers onto the site at random each minute.

Savvy customers looking to take advantage of the deal should be aware that flights can only be booked through the airline’s website.

FlySafair stated that they expect over a million visitors for the promotion.

The company said that the waiting room will allow only a few customers onto the site each minute.

If you are taking advantage of the sale, you should be aware that once on the website, all customers will only have 10 minutes to book their flights.

Every year, the sale tops the list of trending topics on the internet, as customers share how they are using multiple devices to increase their chances of leaving the waiting room.

The FlySafair App will be available for regular bookings for those who do not require a R10 ticket.

FlySafair announced in January that it would provide a new route connecting Cape Town to the Kruger National Park (KNP).

‘This strategic move aims to spread tourism to every corner of the country, unlocking the beauty and diversity of South Africa for both domestic and international travellers,’ FlySafair said.

‘This new route makes travelling between the two tourism hotspots more accessible for both local and international holidaymakers.’

Try your luck and join the waiting room here.

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