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While most people shriek upon seeing a gecko, Samia Lila, 25, single-handedly dealt with its gargantuan cousin. The French waitress who is on a working holiday in Australia, took immediate action when a goanna crept into the restaurant. She has since been christened “Goanna girl” on Mimosa Wines’ Facebook page where the video can also be viewed.


Its sturdy tail can knock down small children and dogs and when panicked it will climb on humans, mistaking them for trees. Lila certainly took the unsuspecting lizard by surprise. It fought back like an inebriated friend who won’t leave the bar, but Lila’s resolve was greater. Here she is dragging the goanna like it’s no big deal.


Perpetual bleeding from a goanna bite was thought to be caused by an infection from bacteria residing in their mouths from carrion meals, but they do in fact have venomous glands. Thankfully, Lila emerged unscathed and the goanna also lived to tell the tail tale.





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  • Geoffrey

    That waitress fits right in, doesn’t she?