Lion vs. Porcupine: An unlikely sighting in the Waterberg mountains

Posted on 16 February 2024 By Savanna Douglas

What’s the most unlikely wildlife sighting you’ve ever witnessed? For a field guide and a van full of guests on their way to one of the Marataba Luxury Lodges in the Waterberg region, it was a spat between two of Africa’s most interesting creatures: the lion, and the porcupine. 

According to an Instagram post made by the luxury lodges, Field Guild Moses Maponya and his guests were on their way back to Mountain Lodge – one of the esteemed Marataba accommodation spots – when they happened upon a “once in a lifetime” sighting.

As the guests’ evening safari was coming to a close, two of the region’s habitants put on a show, making their unlikely spat a public one. The post reads:

“A young male lion from the Eastern Pride had a standoff with a porcupine. A back-and-forth battle ensued, but the lion’s experience and the tenacious defensive nature of the porcupine allowed it to leave the encounter unharmed.⁠”

Thankfully, both members of the bush left the altercation unscathed.

Watch the video taken by Moses Maponya (⁠@moses_bushman) and shared to social media by Marataba Luxury Lodges (@maratabaluxurylodges) below:


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