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The braaibroodjie (braaied toasted sandwich) is arguably the highlight of any braaing experience. Many South Africans braai meat simply as an excuse to also have braaibroodjies. The traditional braaibroodjie is done by making a sandwich with cheese (I prefer aged cheddar), tomato, onion, chutney, salt and pepper with butter on the outside. Braai this sandwich in a closed grid over very mild coals until the outsides are golden brown and the cheese is melted.

If you’re having a breakfast braai then bake some eggs sunny side up in a pan on the braai or stove, and when your braaibroodjies are finished gently pull them open and insert one egg into each. You now have a breakfast braaibroodjie.

In addition to braaibroodjies, boerewors rolls are one of the true classics of the South African braai; a fresh piece of braaied boerewors in a hotdog roll. The boerewors braaibroodjie gives you the best of both worlds. Whilst braaing your braaibroodjies, braai some thin boerewors as well. When both are done, gently pull each braaibroodjie open and insert a few short pieces of boerewors into each. Your guests will not be disappointed, you will not be disappointed, and your life might have just changed.


Cooking instructions

  • To make a braaibroodjie, prepare a sandwich with sliced cheese, sliced tomato and onion, chutney and season. Butter the outside. Braai in a closed grid over mild coals until golden brown.
  • To make breakfast braaibroodjies, fry eggs sunny-side up in a pan on the braai. When the braaibroodjies are finished gently open them and insert an egg into each one.
  • The boerewors braaibroodjie gives you the best of both boerie rolls and braaibroodjies. While braaing your braaibroodjies, braai some thin boerewors. When both are done, gently open each braaibroodjie open and insert a few pieces of boerewors.

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5 Responses to “How to make the perfect braaibroodjies”

  1. m.l.jOFFE

    These braaibroodjies are ALWAYS a winner. You do not need anything else than a good piece of braaied steak or wors and this to fill you up and make everybody rub their tummies in delight with a cheerful smile!

  2. Erica

    Trying to butter the bread afterwards is a mess – try buttering the bread, then put the buttered sides together, pile the ingredients on top, then put the top slice on the grid and top with the bottom slice… mess!!

  3. RobsieM

    Another delicious option is to use some cooked mince and chutney. You can even add some cheese to get that gooey goodness. And when the broodjie is ready, place some rocket/basil on top #Happiness

  4. ruan

    I’ve recently started making cheese, garlic and spring onion braaibrooikies using these thin slices of bread they call ‘thins’ in Ireland. Not sure what the sa equivalent is. Anyway, they are out of this world as a pre proper-braaibrooikie snack. No need to butter them on the outside either. Lekker man.


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