My top 10 braai tips

Posted by Jan Braai on 6 September 2011


1. Nothing beats a wood fire.

2. Gas is Afrikaans for a guest at your braai, not something you braai with.

3. Braaiing is a fat-negative way of cooking food. When you braai, fat drips out.

4. Avoid using indigenous wood. Alien plants drink lots of water. Besides, it feels good burning Australian rubbish.

5. Braaiing is a direct form of energy use, from the coals to your meat. With electricity there’s spillage between the power plant and the pan. Braai if you love the Earth.

6. Have enough ice to cool beer and treat burn wounds.

7. Smoke tends to go towards attractive people, so send them to the kitchen to make salad.

8. Animals eat grass and veggies all their lives. Eating meat is like taking vitamins.

9. A cow must be killed only once. Don’t braai steak until the flavour is dead.

10. A braaibroodjie is your chance to have your bread buttered on both sides.


What’s braaied meat without an awesome marinade?

When it comes to marinades, simple is best. These are the classic combos:

  • Olive oil, chopped garlic, salt and pepper for steak or lamb
  • Soy sauce and honey for pork
  • Worcester sauce and lime for lamb
  • Chicken loves a bit of bite: try peri peri, chilli or Tabasco sauce


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