How to enter the 2017 Getaway Gallery photo competition

Our 2017 Getaway Gallery Competition is now open with fantastic travel and equipment prizes up for grabs. For a full prize list and to read terms and conditions, go to our Gallery Competition page.


1: What are we looking for?

We have three categories for entry: wildlife, landscapes and culture. We’re looking for original images that make us sit up and take notice. We judge images on three aspects: technical ability, overall aesthetics and storytelling ability.

2: Accepted subject matter and image editing

Read our full description of our allowed criteria for image entry and edits on our Gallery Competition page

3: Resize and rename your images

Resize the longest edge of the image to 15cm at 240 dpi. Save your image under the title (your name_image title) and close your image.

4: Copy, paste and answer all the following points into your email.

Full name:
Area of Permanent residence:
Brief description of the scene and how you took the image:
Camera model:
Lens model:
Shutter Speed:

6: Send us your images

Email your photos to – please note that we accept a maximum of five images a person a month. If you have more than five images to submit, please wait and submit them the following month. The first time you send us an image, you will receive a response saying your image has been submitted. Thereafter, you will not receive any more acknowledgement emails as our server won’t recognize you as a new sender.

Previous finalists and winners


Colours of Carmine- By Kobus Saayman

Colours of Carmine, by Kobus Saayman.


Ellie sunset- By Brendon Jennings

Ellie sunset, by Brendon Jennings.


Image by Lexi Novitske

Image by Lexi Novitske.


Spiderweb refractions- By Elaine de Bruin

Spiderweb refractions, by Elaine de Bruin.


Buffalo in the Rain- By Lauren Geldenhuys

Buffalo in the Rain, by Lauren Geldenhuys.


Starry Night - by Hendri Venter

Starry Night, by Hendri Venter.