10 survival tips from Bear Grylls

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Ever wanted to know how to survive in the wilderness? There’s a lot more to it than drinking your own pee. Check out these 10 survival tips from the expert of insane circumstance, Bear Grylls.

The smile safari

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Exchanging smiles with the people you meet on your travels can be the catalyst that turns an average trip into an unforgettable one. This group of Spanish doctors took the idea of giving and receiving smiles to a literal extreme on their recent mobile dental safari through Zimbabwe.

Vic Falls Carnival

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My experience of the Vic Falls Carnival, the new year’s festival in Victoria Falls, where I discovered a rocking new band and saw a Zimbabwean legend.

My view of the Victoria Falls

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Having spent a few days at Victoria Falls, I thought I would share my thoughts and some of the activities that are worth doing there. But my biggest piece of advice is to take much more money than you think you will need!

Cape Town to Zimbabwe – Victoria Falls

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An eleven-hour drive to Victoria Falls from Harare, including grass huts, cows, baboons and baobab trees. Ending with well-deserved Zambezi Lagers and a delicious meal of bream.