Victoria Falls will be the next green tourism destination

Posted on 27 August 2019

The Zimbabwean Tourism Authority (ZTA) and Victoria Falls tourism board are going to set up a solar farm, to punt green tourism and to prevent power shortages.

The multi-million dollar solar farm project is critical to the resort town. Most of the hotels rely on generators but the industry wants a sustainable solution to their power challenges.

According to the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC), at a recent stakeholder meeting held by ZTA, those in the Victoria Falls tourism industry were in favour of the solar farm project.

Tourism Business Council of Zimbabwe representative Barbera Musarirawa and Victoria Falls Town clerk Ronnie Dube emphasised the priority of fast-tracking the execution of the project.

ZTA Acting Chief Executive, Rita Lukukuma pointed out that by adopting alternative and sustainable energy sources for the tourism sector, Victoria Falls would be transformed into a green destination.

‘The solar project has a beautiful dimension of enhancing the status of the tourism quality in this town. There are people now who will visit a place just because it is environmentally friendly,’ said Lukukuma to ZBC.

Speaking to Toursim Update Murasiranwa said, ‘we are looking at going green as an industry instead of continuously drawing from resources that we will never be able to replace.’

Victoria Falls seen from the air, Zambia/Zimbabwe


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