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Do you like architecture? Do you love history? Do you appreciate hot men on scooters? Well then Rome is the place you want to be. With thousands of years of history still visible as you walk the streets (in a non-prostitution way of course) this is one of the few cities in the world where you will literally find a treasure around every corner. All this walking and learning definitely builds up a thirst though, and when in Rome, thirst is best quenched with house wine.

Your days in Rome will be jam-packed, simply because there’s so much to see and do. Also, no matter what time of year it is, there will be thousands of others wanting to see and do the same things, so expect long days and nights of ticking things off your bucket list. To keep up with all the activity, make sure you take frequent breaks at the hundreds of cafes lining the Roman streets. Find a spot outside a cafe where you can relax and watch people as they bustle along the streets. This is a particularly good idea because despite rumors to the contrary, the Romans are a very good looking people. The pervs, like myself, will be in heaven. Get a snack, or a full meal and of course, something to wash it all down with.

Italy is, of course, famous for its wine. With an extremely unique variety of grapes though, you’re not likely to recognize too many names on the menu, unless you’ve had some experience (ie you’re from Cape Town). The remedy to this is simple: house wine. Each cafe will serve their own specialty house wine, aimed at serving your palette and your pocket. Get a jug or three and share it among friends while you take in the activity around you. I’ve found that the red house wines always treat me particularly well. There’s something quite liberating about drinking a wine with no label. It gives you room to simply enjoy the meal and drink, without over-thinking it. The more expensive wines in Rome are also worth a taste, but if you’re watching your pocket, then house wines are definitely the way to go.

The great thing is, the more you drink, the more confident you’re likely to feel. This will be about the time when you get up the courage to start flirting with the ridiculously hot waiter. There’s a good chance he won’t understand you, but learn a few Italian phrases and hopefully by the end of the night, you’ll be getting whisked away on the back of his scooter for a nighttime adventure.

This did not happen for me, so I ordered another jug of house wine instead.


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  1. Jenna Benest

    Mmmmmm vino! I’m so glad it’s only 2 hours until I can have my first glass.

    I love reading about your adventures.

    Keep them coming!!!


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