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While enjoying our very last breakfast together on the Castrol Magnatrek Family Edition, it didn’t seem like one of these six teams was going to walk away in the afternoon with R100 000. It rather seemed like a large group of friends were sad to have reached the last day on the trip of a lifetime. Even as they competed in their last two challenges, it didn’t seem like they were really competing for a prize.  Especially considering the amount of jokes and laughter going around.

Yet one team had to win. The last two challenges were a Who Wants to be a Millionaire styled game and a game of joules. But these weren’t the only deciding factors. Every team and every member of the crew also got a chance to vote for their favourite team of the trek. Everyone had their best feet forward this entire time, so it was impossible to know who it’ll be.

Castrol Magnatrek Family Edition

With this, it was off on the final convoy of the trip and on to the Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens in Johannesburg for a last bit of fun, games and picnicking. Since it was impossible to have an idea who the winner was, everyone just had a blast, marching together to the place where the winner will be announced, singing songs and enjoying this euphoric bond that has developed over the last five days.

Castrol Magnatrek Family Edition

But soon, the time came to reveal the winner. And this is how it went down. All the teams were gathered outside the restaurant and a fourth family member of one of these teams was sitting in one of the crew vehicles with the check for R100 000. They waited, Janina went live on air to dictate the unveiling on Jacaranda FM and the car slowly pulled in – tinted windows and all.

And then the anticipation was over. It was the girlfriend of Jurie from the Super Humans (you’ll remember him as the clown from the party on day 4) who jumped out of the car with a check about the same size as her and the camera man barely got a chance to capture the moment before he swept her off the ground in a crazy twirl and the rest of the team joined in the dancing around, the celebrating and the crying. The Super Humans had won the Castrol Magnatrek Family Edition.


Castrol Magnatrek Family Edition Castrol Magnatrek Family Edition

Naturally, they were over the moon and blown away by the fact that they just got R100 000 richer. Considering the friendly nature of the competition, all the other teams shared in their joy. One extra family member for each team also arrived at the venue and a happy reunion, cocktails and snacks marked the end of the Castrol Magnatrek 2012.

It’s been a truly memorable week and even though some of us flew back to Cape Town to continue our lives as normal, the teams all come from Gauteng and the surrounds, so perhaps they’ll stay in contact. Even if they don’t, this has definitely been a week like no other and I, for one, know that I can’t wait for Castrol Magnatrek 2013.

Stay tuned.

Castrol Magnatrek Family Edition

Watch the video of the last day below and answer the simple question to stand a chance to win a boma dinner or a Monati lunch experience valued at R780.00 at Lesedi Cultural Village.

Castrol Magnatrek Day 5

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