A mobile birding tour of the Okavango Delta

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The Okavango Delta is a World Heritage Site; a maze of waterways and floodplains that is celebrated for its value as a unique ecosystem, sustaining an unmatched variety of bird, animal, and plant life in Botswana. If you’re not checking the trees for some of Africa’s most colourful bird species… you ought to be!

In photos: the birds of Botswana

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The heavy summer rains brought floods to Botswana, yet avid campers persevered and the reward was great. Birds of every colour fill the trees and wade at the water’s edge feeding triumphantly on the season’s medley of insects.

The elusive Cape eagle-owl

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Night brings a special gift to birdwatching: darkness re-engineers sight and ears become extra eyes as you look up for a quietly gliding owl among the stars.