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We all watched in horror as Americans tried to eat undunked rusks in the Buzzfeed video, “Americans try South African snacks.” The genius folks at the Expresso Show decided to give them a taste of their own medicine.


Nope, that does not taste like a litchi paddlepop.

Nope, that does not taste like a litchi paddlepop.

I’d always assumed “root beer” was a different name for “ginger beer.” Thank goodness, this video has disabused me of that notion.


A look of pure disgust.

A look of pure disgust.


Watch below

What other American snacks have you tried that have left you cold?


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  • Elizabeth

    Haha, I was so disappointed with root beer too!

    • Root beer is the only american thing I will tolerate 🙂

  • Sugartrooper

    American snacks are made up of nonsense and corn syrup.

  • I have tried jerky, thought it would taste like our beloved biltong. No way!! It is horrible! absolutely nasty!

  • Rukshana

    You are suppose to string the cheese. Tastes better that way