Drinks named after destinations

Posted on 16 April 2024 By Nomvelo Masango

When visiting a particular destination, it is good to explore the food and drinks which the area has to offer. In doing so, you may find that many drinks share a special bond and a deep history with certain destinations.

A number of the drinks which we love and enjoy today share names with specific places across the world, and there are reasons for that.

Here are some drinks which have been named after different destinations around the world:

Long Island Iced Tea

Picture: Elissa Landry

Only a few things in life are better than a cooling glass of Long Island on a summer day. The drink consists of a number of ingredients including vodka, gin, tequila and rum. It originated from Long Island in New York and was first created in the 1920’s.

Long Island, NY. (Picture: Tatiana Rodriguez / Unsplash)

Singapore Sling


Singapore. Image: Ingo Joseph/Pexels

The Singapore Sling was invented in the 1900’s at the Raffles Hotel in Singapore. Today, it is a popular drink across the world.

Picture: Unsplash

In true Southeast Asian-style, the drink possesses the perfect balance of fruitiness and alcohol. It is a beautiful mix of ingredients including gin, cherry liqueur, pineapple juice, lime juice and Dom Benedictine.


Picture: Alexander Naglestad / Unsplash

Any good celebration goes down better with a glass of champagne in hand. But did you know that Champagne is the name of a place too?

It is a region in northeastern France that is known for producing the sparkling wine which we know as ‘champagne’. The region boasts unique soil and climate conditions which contribute to the distinct characteristics of the champagne drink. Moreover, only specific production methods may be used in the winemaking process. Thus, it is only sparkling wine produced in that region which can legally be labelled as ‘champagne’.


Picture: Anthony Torres / Unsplash

Cognac is a category of brandy named after the region in France where it is produced. The drink is distilled from a very particular type of wine made from a grape called Ugni Blanc. Additionally, adherence to specific rules is required during the production of this spirit.

The Cognac region is known for its soft tempered sea climate, sunlight and clay soil. It is rich in history and is a destination worth visiting.


Although Prosecco is a favourite drink to many people, it is also the name of a place that you can actually visit. The Prosecco region is in Italy and is located in the Veneto area. That is where the Prosecco sparkling wine is produced.

In fact, the region of Prosecco is known for its vineyards and the name ‘Prosecco’ is protected by law. This means that it can only be used to describe sparkling wine produced in that specific region in Italy.

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