Go fish! Beginner fishing gear

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A simple guide to a starting a kit of beginner fishing gear and tackling the local fishing spots on holiday – luckily fish don’t live in ugly places.

New: Outdoor Tech now in SA

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New portable tech brand – Outdoor Tech – has been launched in South African and there’s some snazzy stuff.

Cape Union Mart winter gear 2014

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Not everything about winter is dull and foreboding. Cape Union Mart’s winter expo showcased their plans for keeping you geared up and ready for winter. There is some awesome winter gear in the works.

Wish list: 4X4 can crusher

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It’s largely unnecessary but makes a great talking point around the braai – I give you, the mounted can crusher.

Tested: long life milk

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A little behind-the-scenes scoop from the Gear Editor’s lab – testing out long life milk and the scary side of this dairy.