The millennial’s must-pack list for camping

Posted by Anita Froneman on 15 March 2022

Throughout the pandemic, we have learned to love and appreciate our own country and exploring it has become a bucket-list item many want to tick off. With a 17% increase in camping among the millennial market, it’s encouraging to see this generation is interested in more than just the internet (sorry for the wild generalisation here).

In fact, travellers across the board are seeking modern ways in which to set up camp. From rooftop tents to Aeropress coffees, camping is no longer just a tent and a dilapidated air mattress. Think of modern camping as low-budget glamping.

So, here are five things we recommend be on the must-pack list (aside from the obvious) if you’re a millennial – or want to camp like one.

1. Great coffee. Who doesn’t love camp coffee? That doesn’t mean it has to taste horrible. Pack your usual – you’ll be glad you did.

2. Towels and throws that are durable, versatile, dry quickly and fold up incredibly small. It’s a no brainer really. They turn your camper van into a luxurious haven and can become sarongs, mosquito nets, picnic blankets or whatever you need them to be. We recommend The Cotton Company’s 100% cotton Turkish towels.

3. Eco-friendly firelighters (we didn’t start the fire) for your braais and brekkies.

4. Thermal socks for cold winter evenings.

5. A good book or Kindle. Being outdoors allows us to reset, rest and spend time with nature, ourselves and our loved ones. Being distracted by technology makes us forget how much we love getting lost in a book but now is the time to turn those pages.

Pictures: Supplied by The Cotton Company


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