Cliffs, crashing waves and a kilometre of fun

Posted on 1 July 2020

This is a brand-new experience of ziplining over the ocean.

Elise Kirsten thinks that this is a superb way to get your thrills in Mossel Bay. Image credit: Stephen Kirsten

WHAT Mossel Bay Zipline
WHERE The Point, Mossel Bay
WHO Elise Kirsten

Mossel Bay’s newest attraction runs from the cliffs above the Point to the deck on top of the Shark Lab aquarium. I parked right next to the ticket office at the Point where I was weighed and signed the indemnity form.

After donning a helmet, strapping into a harness, putting on a pair of padded leather gloves and listening to a safety briefing, a cheerful chauffeur drove our group through Mossel Bay to the zipline’s upper deck on the cliff.

Before stepping onto the platform we were again reminded to put one hand on the pulley and the other hand behind it on the cable as we descended. ‘Not in front of the pulley. Otherwise when you want to give a high five at the end of your ride, it’ll be a high three,’ our guide joked.

Jerry Thabane greets visitors with a smile at the end of the ride. Image credit: Jessica Pote

I hung from the cable in a seated position, wondering how sharp the initial drop would be and eager to reach the maximum speed of 90 kilometres per hour as I zipped down the line.

‘Ready? Go!’ As I pushed off the platform, gravity took over and I started to slide along the cable. The wind tugged at my body, swaying me gently from side to side as I passed rugged cliffs to my left. Feeling secure in my harness, I gazed down at the sea’s cauldron-like froth below. Its motion was mesmerising with milky-looking water swirling over the rocks, swept to and fro by the tide. I looked at the ocean stretching towards the horizon on my right. About 60 seconds later I was at the lower reaches of the line where the waves crashed against rocks, forming a barrier to a peaceful tidal inlet. Children splashed in the water beneath my feet. Approaching the platform, I placed my hand on the cable to slow myself down and flashed a smile for the camera as my mini-adventure came to an end.

Fun Factor

The zipline offers a fun, gentle and unusual way to swoop over the ocean and enjoy it from a seagull’s point of view.

R450 pp.

The Details
To have a go, you’ll need to be eight years old or more, weigh less than 120 kilograms and be no taller than 1,9 metres. Your camera or video gear must be securely attached to you via a chest, helmet, wrist or foot strap. It’s advisable to book an early-morning slot to avoid a delay if the wind comes up. Open daily from 8am to 6pm.

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