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Catch this: The best new fly fishing gear out there

Local fly fishing shops have reported an uptick in the sport recentl...Read more

River deep, Mountain high
 in the Eastern Cape

The towns of Ugie and Maclear in the Eastern Cape highlands are set ...Read more


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6 Amazing mountain bike trails in and around Cape Town

Cape Town is surrounded by spectacular mountains and it's those peop...Read more
The History of the Iron Horse

The History of the Iron Horse

The modern bicycle first appeared in the 1800s. It was considered a ...Read more

Life behind (Handle Bars)

Elise Kirsten uncovers some of South Africa’s most sublime mountai...Read more


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Let the Games begin: New Olympic sports to keep an eye on

The 2020 Olympics have started and if you, like us, like to keep an ...Read more

Wither the West Coast waves

The Cape West Coast is a place of fantastical gems, soupy fog, ether...Read more