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River deep, Mountain high
 in the Eastern Cape

The towns of Ugie and Maclear in the Eastern Cape highlands are set ...Read more

Hunting Homegrown Tigers

Traditionally associated with the Zambezi River and waterways beyond...Read more


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The History of the Iron Horse

The History of the Iron Horse

The modern bicycle first appeared in the 1800s. It was considered a ...Read more

Life behind (Handle Bars)

Elise Kirsten uncovers some of South Africa’s most sublime mountai...Read more

Tour de Karoo

The Karoo can pass by in a blur by car; endless shrubs and flocks of...Read more


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Five of South Africa’s top natural hot water springs

You’re going to hear a lot of phrases like ‘healing properties...Read more

Looking for tiger sharks and finding a great white

During a birthday celebration diving adventure, Alexandra Torborg an...Read more