Glide on water and visit the penguins in Simon’s Town

Posted by Nidha Narrandes on 11 September 2020

You are spoilt for choice when it comes to adventure activities in Cape Town. But nothing beats gliding over the sea effortlessly on a water bike, a relatively new addition to the adventure list in the Mother City.

Glide on water effortlessly.

It is a weather dependent activity so make sure you chose a day wisely. There are a few options in Cape Town, but the idea of paddling out to Boulder’s Beach is by far the best choice.

Ros Potgieter from Cape Town Water Bikes will quickly put your mind at ease if you are nervous about jumping onto a bike and braving the waters of Simon’s Town. You are thoroughly briefed on safety and how to use the bike effectively at the Simon’s Town Harbour before you head out.

It may seem a little daunting when you see the bike bobbing in the water, but moments after you paddle away from the dock your confidence grows exponentially and in no time you realise it is possibly the simplest activity you can participate in.

The bikes are steady and easy to ride.

It’s as easy as riding a bike, only it’s on water. On a clear day if you look into the sea you can see a multitude of marine life thriving beneath the surface. We were lucky enough to catch a glimpse of some jellyfish and a small school of fish – the highlight would be a whale but that is an entirely different adventure all on it’s own.

There are different options to choose. You could head out for a one or a two hour guided tour – the boat stays close to the bikes to offer assistance and guide riders in the right direction. It is a completely different level of freedom to glide over the water, breathing in your surroundings, the smell of the salty sea air and only the sound of the water around you. It is invigorating and makes you feel quite invincible – I mean if you can ride on water, you can do just about anything, right?! Right!

If you ride all the way out to Boulder’s Beach you can watch the penguins swim close by, and pass a few lazily sunning on massive rocks. It is incredible to see them from this vantage point, it’s so very different than when you look out from the shoreline.

The bikes are completely steady on the water and contrary to popular belief you don’t get wet at all, not even a splash of water. There wasn’t a single moment, even far out on the water, that I felt out of control of the bike.

An unforgettable experience.

It truly is an experience unlike any other in Cape Town and one that definitely needs to be experienced for a better understanding.

Cape Town Water Bikes are professional and make you feel comfortable, and in control which is important if you are unsure about the activity. They have specials on at the moment, so check out their website.

A one hour guided tour has been discounted to R390p/p and their two hour tour costs R690p/p. It makes for an exciting adventure with friends, family or as a team building activity.

Contact: 083 777 1048

Website: Cape Town Water Bikes

Images: Nidha Narrandes

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