Slacklining: beginner’s guide & where to go

Posted on 21 May 2024 By Louise Bell

Whether balancing high up in the air or a few meters from the ground, slacklining is an exciting and adventurous activity that will get your heart racing. While it might seem like a simple matter of walking the slackline without falling, the fine art of balancing and placing your feet strategically is a delicate dance to master.

Unsplash/Kelsey Dody

Need help figuring out how to start your slacklining journey? Here are a few tips and tricks to get you started and where to go for the ultimate adrenaline-fueled experience.

Tips for slackliners – How to start

While it might be an enticing thought to set up your slackline and start walking, you’ll have an easier time planning your journey. Here are helpful reminders and suggestions to help you ease into this exciting activity with your head held high (pun intended):

Start slow 

To move through the air confidently, you need to become used to the feeling of balancing on a slackline. With anxiety contributors like shaking and falling off quickly, you might become deterred. This is why finding your feet and learning how the webbing of the slackline moves and flows under your feet is important.

Start small 

It’s a no brainer: before you fly, you need to learn how to walk. A basic rule of thumb is to aim to be anchored around 20-50 cm above ground and 3-5 meters long. At the beginning, your slackline should be pulled tight for more stability at the start.

Learn the basics 

While you might think slacklining entails just walking on the webbing, there are a few other moves to practice to take to the skies confidently. This includes turning and walking backwards on the line. You’ll also find looking forward and keeping your hands relaxed and above your shoulders will help with balance. 


Sometimes, when we focus, we forget the basic things that keep us alive and relieve tension and stress, which is to breathe correctly. Remember to take slow and deep breaths to keep your cool above ground.

Places to go for beginners

One of the best ways to set up your first line is to rig and span your slackline between two trees (using tree protectors, of course, not to harm the bark). 

This is an excellent opportunity to use public parks or nature reserves in the area for a slacklining adventure (be sure to check the rules and regulations of these public spaces). Here are a few places you can go and enjoy this activity in a controlled environment or you can check out S.A. Slacking on Facebook to join a local adventure:

  • Cape Town – De Waal Park
  • Johannesburg – Delta Park
  • Durban – Krantzkloof Nature Reserve

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