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Posted on 10 January 2024

Investec simplifies Private Banking criteria

Five years ago, nobody thought of a career as an IOS developer, UI/UX designer, digital marketing specialist, content creator, data scientist or blogger. The list is growing as AI and tech permeate households and businesses. 

As a leading, international Private Bank and Wealth Manager, Investec has always focused on defined client careers and niches. But, this is changing…  

Prudence Mashalane, head of Client Acquisition Private Banking SA, says that the bank is evolving with the times. ‘We know there has been a significant shift in the last few years. Traditional careers with a set linear progression are not the only way individuals define their careers or accumulate wealth over time.’ 

She says that law, accounting, engineering, medicine and entrepreneurship will remain essential client segments, but Investec is exploring innovative strategies to bring new clients with other career paths and passions into the fold. ‘For this reason, Investec has simplified the Private Banking qualifying criteria to anyone who earns over R800 000 per year, with a relevant qualification.’ 

As a client-centric organisation, she comments that this decision was not taken lightly. ‘Our clients are at the heart of our business and an exceptional client experience is non-negotiable. We want to increase our client base in the areas of banking and wealth management, but never at the cost of our personal, bespoke service and valued long-term client relationships. It’s what sets us apart.’ 

New clients start their Investec journey by opening a Private Bank Account. Not only do they benefit from daily transactional banking, but they also have access to two Private Bankers, a Financial Adviser, Investec Rewards, travel benefits, cutting-edge online and mobile platforms and 24/7/365 service through the global Client Support Centre.  

‘When you partner with Investec, you gain immediate access to our Private Banking offering, that sees you, the individual, as well as your family. It includes a suite of banking services, both locally and internationally, enabling you to create, grow, preserve and protect your wealth.’ 

She remarks that as a multi-award-winning Private Bank and Wealth Manager, Investec sets the standard for Private Banking. ‘For us, this means exceptional service, an integrated value proposition and a meaningful relationship that will help our clients leave a long, lasting legacy for future generations. It’s not what we do, but rather how we do it. Now, that’s Private Banking.’

Done settling for the ‘okay’? 

Go here for more information on Investec Private Banking and the simplified qualifying criteria. 


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