Getaway’s top 8 travel packages for 2013

Posted on 11 December 2012

If you’re like me and leave everything to the last minute, then perhaps we need to make a New Year’s resolution to plan a little more in advance. Not only does this allow us to look forward to something epic, it also motivates us to get through the humdrum of life and reach this point. You also might just save a buck or two by booking early and not missing the boat…again!

Here are eight travel packages from Getaway Adventures to get you inspired for your 2013 travel wishlist.


1. East Africa migration safari

Witnessing the largest mammal migration on earth should be a prerequisite for life in my opinion, and knowing a little about when and where the migration is going to take place, will allow you to choose the best time to go on this must-do 2013 safari. The migration is an ongoing annual cycle as animals wander in search of the best grazing and water. It takes place in a clockwise direction from the Ngorongoro and Serengeti in the south, up through the central Serengeti and then to the Northern Serengeti and Masai Mara Game Reserve in the north; where it starts all over again.

Best time to go:
February is calving season where you can witness more than 500 000 baby wildebeest making an entrance into the world. During April and May the migration begins moving through the central Serengeti towards the west. This is a beautiful time to visit, with herds of game spread out over the central area, distant thunderstorms painting the sky and very few people around. June is a “jump month” where the migrating wildebeest and other plains game need to cross the crocodile infested Grumeti River before they meet their next obstacle: the Mara River. From July to October, wildebeest cross the river regularly affording visitors drama and action. By October, the herds start heading back to the lush green shoots of the southern Serengeti that have sprung after the rains, arriving in December.

Package suggestions: Take a 23-day Tanzania self-drive package from R6 000 a person sharing or a 7-day fly-in safari from R26 482 a person sharing.

Click here for packages to witness the migration with Getaway Adventures


2. Okavango Delta trip

Moving silently through the reeds on a mokoro, you approach within spitting distance of a herd of elephant foraging on the banks, with a pod of hippo bellowing their guffaws in the distant. The Okavango Delta in Botswana comes alive around you as your guide works the mokoro through the crisscross of waterways. The red lechwe, with its elongated hooves, dart across the swamps with ease as the shy Pel’s Fishing Owl flashes its orange wings as it retrieves its prey from the water below its perch. Your senses will be tantalized by the myriad of activity in this enchanting place.

Best time to go:
The Okavango Delta has two distinct seasons: a dry and a wet season. The dry season, which runs from May to October, is a great time to visit. There’s little chance of rain (and therefore fewer mossies), days are warm and sunny and game make their way from the dry interior to the permanent water of the delta. The high concentrations of game such as elephant, buffalo, lion and hippo make this the prime game-viewing season. The wet season, which runs from October to March, brings rain and also a change to the area. The bush becomes thicker, animals tend to move back inland, however there are still loads of animals that linger in the area. This is the best time for bird watching as migrants flock into the area.

Package suggestions: Spend 7-days on an Okavango Delta budget safari from R9 990 a person sharing or take an 8-day overlanding trek from R6 950 a person sharing.

Click here for Okavango Delta safaris with Getaway Adventures


3. Kruger 4×4 trail

There are several 4×4 trails that one can do through the Kruger National Park that are a great way to experience the outdoors and remote parts of the bush. The Madlabantu and Mananga Adventure Trail and the longer Lebombo Eco-Trail are all 4×4 trails of varying length. White rhino, elephant and buffalo are commonly seen on the Madlabantu route that zigzags across the park, past historical sights such as old trading posts and grave stones, before linking up with the Mananga Adventure Trail, which runs through an area known for its big cats and plains game. The Lebombo Eco-Trail takes you through a variety of terrain and ecozones from Crocodile Bridge in the south to Pafuri in the north.

Best time to go:
There’s really no hard and fast rule about when to do the trails. The only consideration would be to check that the trails haven’t been damaged by rain and subsequently closed during the rainy season. April-October is considered the best time to do the trails when the bush is thinner, with a better chance of spotting game, and moderate daytime temperatures. However, that being said, each season brings something different to the bush; migrating birds, game species and flowering plants.

Package suggestions:  A 2-day 4×4 trail starts from R1 490 a person sharing and the 6-day Lebombo Eco-Trail from R1 950 per vehicle per day.

Click here for 4×4 Kruger Park trails with Getaway Adventures


4. Zanzibar island holiday

With a history that has seen traders, sailors, rulers and explorers visiting its shores, Zanzibar is an enchanting place to spend a holiday. Your trip will be incomplete without visiting the ancient city of Stone Town, tasting the incredible spices on a spice tour and snorkeling the pristine coral reefs at Mnemba Island. Located off the coast of Tanzania, this is a slice of paradise that you should consider visiting in 2013.

Best time to go:
There are no absolute extremes and because Zanzibar enjoys a tropical climate it doesn’t really experience winter. Considerations might be to avoid the rainy season from March to May, including the month of Ramadan where there’s no eating, drinking and smoking in public. Popular months to visit are during the cooler months from August to October and also during the holidays.

Package suggestions: Combine a trip to Zanzibar with a Serengeti safari from R12 830 or fly-in from R12 964 a person sharing.

Click here for packages to Zanzibar with Getaway Adventures


5. Gorilla tracking in Rwanda

With fewer than 800 mountain gorillas left in the world, it’s a privilege to be able to track one in the wild and spend time in the company of this majestic animal. You can go gorilla trekking in Rwanda, Uganda and the DRC, with safe and well-trodden routes in Uganda and Rwanda. The gorillas occur in small pockets and it pays to join a tour where the local guides know the terrain and areas in which they move. The entire journey, from walking through spectacular rainforests to meeting the locals will give you an ultimate African 2013 experience.

Best time to go:
Gorilla trekking trips take place throughout the year, however it’s advisable to go during the drier months. It’s a lot less wet and paths are less slippery and muddy. The two rainy periods in southern Uganda for example are from April to May and October to November. Popular months to trek gorillas are from June to September.

Package suggestions: Join us on a 6-day gorilla encounter from R6 650 a person sharing or a 5-day fly-in group safari from R22 740 a person sharing.

Click here for gorilla trekking packages with Getaway Adventures


6. Liuwa Plain expedition

In the remote western corner of Zambia, Liuwa Plain National Park is a draw card for bush and nature lovers seeking a bush experience away from the crowds. Grassy plains dotted with a number of pans draw teeming herds of plains game such as zebra, wildebeest, red lechwe and tsessebe, and in turn predators including lion, cheetah and wild dog to the area. Birding is a real highlight with species such as crowned and wattled cranes, spoonbills and large numbers of pelicans frequenting the pans.

Best time to go:
The park is inaccessible during the rainy season from January to May. The plains are covered with shallow water and the roads become impassable. The rains start rolling in during November, bringing dramatic thunderstorms. May-June and November-December are considered the best times to visit.

Package suggestions: Join a 13-day self-drive expedition from R7 500 a person sharing.

Click here for the Luiwa Plain expedition with Getaway Adventures


7. Zambezi tiger fishing

Head to the banks of the upper Zambezi in Zambia where the tranquil waters, unspoiled bush and of course the well-known Tigerfish, also know as the “striped water dog” will lure you in and dish up a memorable safari in 2013. With a reputation for being one of the world’s toughest freshwater fish to restrain, the Tigerfish, with its razor sharp teeth and leaping ability, will give you a run for your money as you reel one in.

Best time to go:
Tigerfish can be caught throughout the year. The Tigerfish of the upper Zambezi have to adapt their feeding habits according to the changes that take place in the Zambezi during the year. This determines what fishing method will be used and influence the time of year you visit. The warmer months (Sep-Dec) is breeding season when the fish are more active and aggressive. Winter (May-August) is the preferred season for lure or fly-fishing as the water is clear, due to the lack of rains, and visibility is good. The rainy season is ideal for bait fishing where the rains result in higher water levels and muddier water.

Package suggestions: Take a 5-day tiger fishing safari on the upper Zambezi from R10 995 a person sharing.

Click here for Zambezi Tiger Fishing packages with Getaway Adventures


8. Kilimanjaro climb

Known as ‘Shining Mountain’ in Swahili, Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania reaches an elevation of almost 6000m and will be a climb to remember. There are six established routes that one can take up Kilimanjaro; the Machame and Marangu routes being the most popular. The Marangu route is a one of the easiest and the only route that offers sleeping huts along the way. The Marangu route involves camping and is more difficult, with longer days and steeper climbs.

Best time to go:
Mountain weather, as the case all over the world, is erratic and often changes in a blink of an eye. Mount Kilimanjaro is no exception. The best climbing seasons are January to March and June to October. The only real recommendation to climbers is to avoid the long rainy season (April to May) as the mountain becomes slippery.

Package suggestions: Climb the Machame or Rongai Route from R12 500 a person sharing.

Click here for packages to climb Kilimanjaro with Getaway Adventures




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