10 Places to visit in Limpopo

Posted on 15 September 2023

Limpopo, brimming with scenic splendours and a tapestry of cultures, is a treasure trove of must-visit locales. Dive into our handpicked guide of the top 10 places to visit in Limpopo.

1. Welgevonden Private Game Reserve

Limpopo’s crown jewel, Welgevonden Private Game Reserve, stretches across 37,000 hectares of mesmerizing terrains and diverse fauna. Birthed from a tapestry of individual farms, its rebirth in 1993 saw the removal of internal barriers. The name “Welgevonden” – meaning “well found” – captures its essence as a beacon in Limpopo’s rich tapestry of natural wonders.

Entrust your journey in this majestic reserve to the Welgevonden Travel Maestros. With a profound understanding of the best stays, they’re poised to design your quintessential wilderness escapade. Be it the varied topographies, awe-inspiring geological wonders, or the rich tapestry of South Africa’s wildlife, Welgevonden stands tall as an unparalleled haven amidst Limpopo’s must-visit destinations.

2. Limpokwena Nature Reserve

Limpokwena Nature Reserve - Places to visit in Limpopo

Source: Facebook / @Limpokwena Nature Reserve

Set your compass towards the majestic Limpokwena Nature Reserve. This sanctuary safeguards 2,400 hectares of untouched wilderness, cradled at the meeting point of the powerful Limpopo and Mogalakwena Rivers. Positioned as a haven on the South African edge of the Botswana boundary, it serves as the gateway to the illustrious Thuli Block.

At Limpokwena, the abundant wildlife is perceived as a treasure and as fellow inhabitants and mentors. The stately elephants, graceful giraffes, elusive leopards, and regal antelope tread freely, reflecting the spirit they wish to bestow on their visitors. Dive into this vast realm, where Limpopo Province’s enchanting beauty acts as a salve, refreshing your essence.

3. Mapesu Private Game Reserve

Mapesu Reserve - Places to visit in Limpopo

Source: Facebook / @Mapesu Reserve

Set foot in one of Limpopo’s crown jewels, the Mapesu Private Game Reserve. Cradled in the serene embrace of northern Limpopo and sprawled across 7,200 hectares, this haven is a confluence of sustainable tourism and conscientious conservation. In this realm, their passionate team, the untouched wilderness, its majestic fauna, and their valued guests come together, casting a spell on one of Limpopo’s most entrancing spots.

Delight in a stay at their lavish Mopane Bush Lodge, indulge in the comfort of their 4-star luxury retreats, opt for self-catered abodes, or immerse in the rustic charm of their campsite with tent provisions. Venture forth on a Conservation Odyssey. Mapesu Private Game Reserve beckons with an authentic South African tapestry, urging you to intertwine with nature, champion conservation, and craft indelible moments, making it an unparalleled beacon among Limpopo’s trove of destinations.

4. Mapungubwe National Park

Mapungubwe National Park - Places to visit in Limpopo

Source: Facebook / @Mapungubwe National Park

Dive into Limpopo’s treasures and find the Mapungubwe National Park and World Heritage Site. This emblematic haven resonates with many souls—from those enchanted by wildlife and avian wonders to seekers of tranquillity and profound historical ties.

Enveloped in the confines of Mapungubwe National Park lies breathtaking terrains. Home to majestic and potentially perilous beasts. To ensure the well-being of its visitors, solitary wanderings are firmly discouraged. The park stands ready to curate quests for those yearning to delve into guided treks, picturesque sojourns, and cultural ventures. Here, not only does nature’s embrace await, but a portal to bygone eras and a canvas to reflect upon one’s essence amidst its rich annals. Truly, Mapungubwe National Park is a beacon in Limpopo’s constellation of attractions.

5. Pafuri (Makuleke), North Kruger National Park

Pafuri (Makuleke), North Kruger National Park - Places to visit in Limpopo

Source: Facebook / @ RETURNAfrica Pafuri Collection

Tucked between the picturesque Limpopo and Luvuvhu Rivers in the heart of Makuleke Contract Park, Pafuri Camp emerges. This serene sanctuary offers 19 opulent tents to welcome up to 52 guests. For larger gatherings, spacious family tents stand prepared to ensure a memorable sojourn.

Step into Pafuri Camp and an array of exhilarating endeavours await. From bi-daily ventures into the wild aboard tailor-made safari vehicles to guided strolls amidst the untouched expanses of Kruger National Park. The varied terrains of Makuleke Contract Park—spanning pans, towering mountains, and expansive floodplains—invite wanderers, showcasing marvels such as the majestic Lanner Gorge, the iconic Crook’s Corner, and the mystical Fever Tree Forest. Positioned at the confluence of South Africa, Mozambique, and Zimbabwe, Pafuri Camp promises unparalleled encounters with nature’s wonders. Further, lose yourself in the region’s vibrant avian displays, unwind beside the beckoning pool, savour open-air feasts, and indulge in refreshing libations at the bush bar. Truly, Pafuri Camp stands tall as an unmissable beacon among Limpopo’s landmarks.

6. Bela Bela hot Springs

Bela Bela hot Springs - Places to visit in Limpopo

Source: Facebook / @ Warmbaths, A Forever Resort

Venture into one of Limpopo’s lesser-known treasures—Bela-Bela. Cradled in the embrace of the Waterberg mountains, this age-old town is famed for its thermal springs. Once revered by the Tswana community for their curative powers, these springs have evolved into enticing aquatic retreats across various resorts. Bela-Bela weaves a tale of rejuvenation through its therapeutic springs, exhilarating mountain escapades, untouched terrains, and vast wilderness expanses. Whether you’re drawn to the aquatic allure of their liquid paradise or the pulse-raising safaris showcasing nature’s marvels, this town, aptly named “boiling boiling” in Tswana, finds its heart in its effervescent springs.

For a journey that etches itself in memory, set your compass to Bela-Bela. Delve into its myriad offerings, each echoing Limpopo’s splendid natural canvas and rich cultural tapestry.

7. Thathe Vondo Forest

Thathe Vondo Forest - Places to visit in Limpopo

Source: Facebook / @Thathe Vondo Forest

Step into the enchantment of Limpopo and uncover a wonder—Thathe Vondo Forest. A verdant expanse, the forest is a living tapestry of soaring hardwood and yellowwood trees, flourishing ferns, and a symphony of avian melodies. Bird aficionados can revel in sightings of the white-starred robin, chorister robin-chat, Knysna turaco, yellow-streaked greenbul, and the picturesque birding trail. While the forest’s cultural resonance with the Venda people holds it sacred, prohibiting traditional hiking, designated forestry tracks offer guided ventures into its heart.

Perched above the serene Lake Fundudzi, Thathe Vondo Forest paints a mesmerizing picture against the mountainous backdrop. While here, pay homage to the mythical Lake Fundudzi, a repository of local tales and traditions. For those penchant for nature’s grandeur, a brief journey from the lake leads to the Soutpansberg Mountains’ pinnacle, revealing the majestic Mahovhovho Waterfall. A jewel in Limpopo’s crown, this waterfall embodies the region’s awe-inspiring beauty, ensuring your Limpopo odyssey is punctuated with moments of wonder.

8. Lake Fundudzi, Limpopo

Lake Fundudzi, Limpopo

Source: Facebook / @Lake Fundudzi, Limpopo

Tucked away on the R523 between Thohoyandou and Louis Trichardt lies Lake Fundudzi. Cradled by the enigmatic Thathe Vondo forest, this ethereal lake is woven with tales of legend and spirit. The Venda people, its guardians, tread its shores with reverence, cautious of its whispered hauntings and the mythical lightning bird, Ndadzi. Rarely are outsiders welcomed to its banks, a caution intensified by rumoured crocodile lurking. Visitors adhere to an age-old tradition: turning away from the lake and glimpsing its depths between their legs. A gesture from which the lake derives its name. Yet, the lake’s allure is palpable even from the embracing mountains.

A place of mystique, Lake Fundudzi defies nature’s norms. It remains elusive, with no clear outlet, nourished by the Mutale River—a river believed to house a mighty python deity of fertility. Every year, a maiden is offered to appease this god, a ceremony accompanied by the mesmerizing domba dance. This dance, a transition ritual for young women, is witnessed only with the blessings of the lake’s protectors, the ‘people of the pool’. Lake Fundudzi, with its blend of sacred rites and natural splendour, stands as a testament to the harmonious interplay of culture and nature.

9. Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre

Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre

Source: Facebook / @ Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre

The Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre emerges as a lighthouse of conservation amidst a bustling ecosystem. With a heart set on nurturing endangered species, the centre passionately works towards bolstering diverse cheetah bloodlines, mending the wounds of rhinos, and enlightening the local populace and global visitors about the pivotal essence of conservation. Beyond these endeavours, the centre delves deep into research, ensuring a brighter tomorrow for these species.

HESC unravels a captivating narrative, spotlighting the tales of rare and endangered fauna. At the same time, illuminates the vast panorama of animal conservation. Those journeying to this esteemed sanctuary can immerse in enlightening tours and tailored expeditions. Crucially, the revenue from these tourism pursuits is channelled directly into our conservation missions and the heartbeat of our daily operations. Every footstep you take within the Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre deepens your connection to nature.

10. Zwakala Brewery

Zwakala Brewery

Source: Facebook / @Zwakala Brewery

Zwakala, radiates the warm embrace of African camaraderie, evident in every award-winning brew they craft. Born in 2016, this independent South African craft brewery proudly wears its heritage. Chief brewer Luca Tooley reminisces fondly, “Magoebaskloof isn’t just a place—it’s an experience. I cherish memories of growing up in this Limpopo jewel, a spot that beckons with unmatched allure. Beyond its stunning vistas, the region has adventures—trout fishing, hiking, taking a dip in its rivers, or horseback riding. Yet, what truly captivates is Magoebaskloof’s heartwarming embrace that entices, ensuring every visit isn’t the last. The pristine mountain water, celebrated for its unmatched purity, is our secret ingredient, lending our beers their signature crispness.”

Embarking on a journey to Zwakala is more than just a visit. It’s an odyssey where the heartwarming African spirit melds with adventurous allure and brewing mastery. An unmissable beacon in Limpopo’s rich tapestry of destinations.

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