Must-visit volcano destinations | 3 spots to visit

Posted on 5 June 2024 By Louise Bell

Whether you’re looking to trek the summit or admire the volcanic view from afar, destinations with volcanoes are the perfect way to heat up your vacation. There are many active volcanoes in the world, some accessible for the ultimate thrill-seeking experience.

Unsplash/Asa Rodger

Looking for a magma-filled marvel to visit on your next holiday? Take a look at a few hot spots to ensure you have an unforgettable experience.


A Southern Italy gem filled to the brim with exciting activities and breathtaking scenery, this divine destination is a treasure to visit. Beyond the typical tourist attractions, there are nine volcanoes located on this idyllic island (some of which are not accessible to the public).

Among the stoic structures in Sicily is Mount Etna, one of the largest active volcanoes in the world. While several hiking trails allow you to witness this peak up close, it’s important to note that a volcano guide is not just suggested but required after reaching a certain point. This ensures your safety and enhances your experience.

If you’re looking for activities near Mount Etna that do not require building up a sweat from exercise, this island mountain has you covered. Around the base, you’ll be able to encounter a number of vineyards that use the fruitful soil to provide a stunning selection of wine varieties to sip and sample.

Costa Rica

Known for its captivating coastal charm and evergreen rainforests, Costa Rica is a must-visit for any traveller looking for a fun and adventure-filled experience. This stunning country has five active volcanoes within its bounds.

From the popular tourist attraction of Poás Volcano to the more strenuous trek to Turrialba Volcano, Costa Rica has many nerve-racking yet exciting structures to visit. If you’re looking for a volcanic experience without hiking, travellers can visit several hot springs in the area for a tranquil time.


Why not add a bit of spice to an island holiday by looking for a destination that includes an active volcano? Bali is the perfect destination for the ultimate mix of serene experiences and exciting adventures. 

One way to get your blood pumping is to visit Mount Agung in Bali, the highest peak at 3,031 metres. While Mount Agung might be open to the public, this hike has been said to be challenging. 

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