5 fun gardening activities for kids

Posted by Anita Froneman on 7 May 2020

Gardening is the perfect activity for all ages. Having the little ones get their hands dirty will not only keep them out of trouble, but will also teach them valuable skills.

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Activities like digging, touching soil and plants and smelling them can be great for sensory development in young kids. It teaches patience, discipline and responsibility to older children. It’s also a wonderful way to spend some quality time together!

Here are some fun ideas to try:

1. ‘My own mini-garden’

Allot a specific little corner of the garden to your child where they may plant whatever they choose. You can also give them a pot or container for indoor plants. Help and advise them, but allow them to plan and organise their patch however they want with different plants, stones and other decorative accessories. This will give them pride in their accomplishments and make space for some creativity.

2. Make plant containers

Use empty 2L bottles and cut in half, or use empty food cans. Let your kids paint and decorate them, adding the name of whatever they will plant in it. Use them as containers for herbs or other indoor plants that your child will take care of.


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3. Pulling weeds

This might seem mundane but actually, children will reap joy from being allowed to ‘destroy’ something. It will also teach them the difference between wanted and unwanted plants and why weeds are damaging our gardens. Give your child safe and suitable tools and show them how to properly take them out.

4. Make a ‘grass worm’

Take an old pair of stockings and cut off one leg. Fill with soil and grass seeds, then tie a knot at the open end. Let them give the ‘worm’ a face by gluing eyes and a mouth on the one end. Put it on a tray or other suitable surface, and as they water it, the grass will grow through the stocking creating a very hairy grass worm! You can also create a funny face and let the grass be its hair.


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5. Grow ‘rainbow flowers’

This is a fun experiment with beautiful results. Get see-through glass or plastic cups and put young white flowers in water in each cup (Barberton daisies work well). Add different colours of food colouring to the water, and ask the kids to predict what they think will happen, take notes each day and report results. The flowers will change colours soon!


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