Top 10 photos from Rhino Friday

Posted on 24 May 2013

Rhino poaching is a huge problem in Southern Africa: this isn’t news. However, the outrage doesn’t seem to be getting us anywhere, as the death toll of one of Africa’s iconic species climbs ever higher. (Read: six simple ways to help end rhino poaching.) One of the ways we are trying to support rhino conservation is to raise awareness with our #RhinoFriday posts, on Facebook and Twitter.

The intention is to create dialogue and share ideas about how we can support our dwindling rhino population, and the fierce conservationists who are fighting for them (like lat year’s top five rhino charities.) Many people have also shared great photos that showcase rhinos’ unique beauty, and we thought they were too good not to share.

Rhino Friday, Ursula Celliers

Ursula Celliers took this photo in the Kruger National Park

Rhino Friday, Kim Steinberg

Kim Steinberg took this photo of a black rhino in Namibia, and is using it to raise funds for rhino conservation.

See more of Kim Steinberg’s photography here.

Rhino Friday, Andrew Harvey, African Sky Tours

Andrew Harvey of African Sky Safari and Tours took this photo in northern KZN

Check out African Sky’s Facebook page here.

Rhino Friday, Ayesha Cantor

Ayesha Cantor snapped this shy baby near Port Elizabeth

Rhino Friday, Rudi Hulshof

Rudi Hulshof took this gorgeous sunset photo in Limpopo.

Check out more of Rudi Hulshof’s photography here.

Rhino Friday, Pierre Steenkamp

Pierre Steenkamp snapped this photo in North-West Province.

Find more of Pierre Steenkamp’s photography here.

Rhino Friday, Dawn Holstock

Dawn Holstock managed to capture this fellow's distant gaze in the Eastern Cape.


Rhino Friday, Sally Mackay

Sally Mackay took this lovely close-up in KZN


Rhino Friday, Lauren Davies

Lauren Davies took this in KZN: we think the position of the two rhinos is a bit of an optical illusion.


Rhino Friday, Pierre Lombard

Pierre Lombard found (and snapped) this handsome rhino in Swaziland.

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